This is an episode that features one self-contained story instead of being comprised of two separate stories.

This episode opens with a bit of a recap of what has transpired in the series up to this point. As I saw this recap, I figured it was done as “time kill” because there wasn’t quite enough of the story to fill the whole runtime. Watching the episode basically confirmed my suspicion.

When the actual story starts, Mitsuki is at his lunch break and is about to eat his Special Glasses bento, which he got out of a book. Unfortunately, the ingredients make the face look too much like Akira’s, so he decides he can’t eat it and he opts to go to the cafeteria instead. On his way to the cafeteria and in the cafeteria itself, he passes by the other members of the Glasses Club as something unfortunate happens to them.

Later, when Mitsuki goes to the club room, he finds that everyone seems to have swapped personalities. Several minutes of the episode are then spent on Mitsuki talking to the other members and finding out about the unfortunate happening for each one of them and how that caused them to act differently in the club room than usual. Later, when Mitsuki finds four eggplants outside the door, he deduces that it’s a warning from the person who caused the misfortune for the other members of the club.

Mitsuki dons a detective costume, and the remainder of the episode focuses on him trying to be a detective and solving the mystery of who is responsible for the misfortunes.

As I watched this episode, I found myself feeling that it was a waste. It wasn’t that amusing or funny, it didn’t do anything to truly progress the overarching story about the X-ray Glasses, and it’s an episode that focuses on Mitsuki. I’m sorry, but Mitsuki is one of my least favorite characters in this series. He’s annoying and is there primarily to serve as Akira’s “personal stalker.” But I’m not sure which character I like the least: Mitsuki or Takuma. This is why I have to call Mitsuki one of my least favorite characters.

When it comes to the series as a whole, it appears to have lost its focus. In the first three episodes, a major emphasis was placed on the club’s attempts at creating the X-ray Glasses, and it seemed like this would be the main thread to run through the series. Unfortunately, it kind of feels like after those first three episodes, the writers were starting to have a harder time finding ways to incorporate the X-ray Glasses into the stories so less emphasis was placed on this aspect, which led to this element becoming much more hit-and-miss. Anymore, Meganebu! has become more of a muddled mess and is a much less enjoyable viewing experience than it had been earlier in its run.

After thinking that Meganebu! showed some potential promise after watching the first three episodes, I feel the series has slowly been going downhill. With each passing week, I find myself becoming less and less excited to watch this series. However, since I’ve already made it this far in, I’m going to stick it out until the end, with the vain hope that the promise I saw early on in this series will somehow return.

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