Episode Eight opens with Kojou trying to fight the Nalakuvera, with Sayaka trying to back him up. When Kojou summons one of his Familiars, it not only knocks the Nalakuvera down to the ground, it causes the ground to break underneath him and Sayaka. They fall underneath the subfloat. As they’re down there, sea water starts flooding down to where they are. After the two of them have a conversation, Sayaka decides to offer her blood to Kojou in order to help them get out of their predicament.

Meanwhile, Yukina is snooping around the ship where she, Asagi, and Nagisa are being held. She stumbles upon Christoph Gardos, and learns that he’s trying to obtain an army of Nalakuvera. Since she’s learned the truth, Christoph begins attacking her. Just as it seems she can’t get out of her situation, Natsuki is able to make it and rescue her.

The two storylines in this episode dovetail together when Yukina is able to join Kojou and Sayaka and provide them with important information that can help them turn the tide in their fight against Christoph Gardos.

I’m sorry I’m not providing too much more in the way of details, but if I did, I’d be giving away too much and potentially providing spoilers for readers who may not have seen this episode yet.

Sayaka offering her blood to Kojou was a bit of a surprise. She says it was due to the situation they were in, but I wonder if there may have been more to it than that. After watching this episode, I think that my musing in my writeup for Episode Seven about Sayaka becoming interested in Kojou may end up materializing. At this point, it looks like Asagi, Yukina, and Sayaka may end up competing for Kojou.

It turns out I was at least partially right about my musing in regard to Dimitrie in my writeup for Episode Seven. After seeing this episode, I also feel confident in saying that we definitely haven’t seen the last of him.

Now that I’ve seen Episode Eight, I’m very curious to see what direction the series will head in with Episode Nine.

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