Beyond the Boundary: Episode 8 – “Calming Gold”

At the end of Episode Seven, we learned that the Calm is coming. As it’s explained later in the episode, the Calm refers to a period when a youmu’s powers weaken. According to records, their innate vitality drops dramatically, and Spirit World Warriors are able to defeat youmu that are normally out of their league while the Calm is happening. Aya tells Akihito to be extra careful since he’s a half-youmu, and she adds that since half-youmu are so rare, she has no idea to know for certain how he will react during this period.

Later, Mitsuki runs into Miroku Fujima, a Spirit World Warrior we had encountered during the Hollow Shadow arc, and he offers her a ride. He starts talking with her about “Beyond the Boundary,” which refers to powerful youmu that are born from resentment and twisted hearts of countless people mixing together before taking form. He admits that he was hoping to get some information out of Mitsuki, but it appears that the baby of the family has been kept in the dark. At one point, after Miroku has stopped the car at a beach, the two are interrupted by the arrival of Hiromi. Miroku and Hiromi get into a battle, but it appears that neither one truly wins.

Meanwhile, Akihito is riding home on the train and falls asleep. He has a dream of a couple of kids asking how he could still be alive after being hit by a car and how his injuries have vanished. Then the kids suddenly beg him not to kill them. Akihito is confused, and it appears he wakes up with blood on his hands and a body lying on the ground. Then we really see him wake up and everything is normal. Izumi comes over to him and tells him to rest some more.

After this, we find that a feverish Akihito has been taken to Aya’s place. Mirai and Sakura are watching over him, but Aya tells the two of them to head home. As they walk back, Sakura convinces Mirai to go back to Akihito. Near the end of the episode, the Calm hits, and Miroku makes his move.

This episode starts out rather normally, but then it starts building as it progresses. It’s commented that prior to the start of the Calm, the air is feeling somewhat heavy or stagnant. In a lot of ways, the episode started feeling like this as it went along. I really started sensing that “heavy” feeling as Mitsuki and Miroku had their conversation in the car. From that point onward, that “heavy” feeling lasted for the remainder of the episode, including the climax at the end that features Miroku and Aya.

At the end of the episode, we get to see Aya in her youmu form. Wow, that looked really impressive! I should have known how powerful she could be, but that just doesn’t come across when Aya is in her human form.

Who expected Miroku to be such a bad guy? Back when we saw him in the Hollow Shadow arc, he came across as a rather normal guy and didn’t really give any inkling as to what he’s really like. He put on a pretty good act there.

There’s also something that happens to Akihito at the end of the episode that will set the stage for Episode Nine. From what I saw in the preview, it looks like Episode Nine could be extremely interesting as well as a potential “game changer” for the series.

I’ve been amazed by how much Beyond the Boundary has evolved from what it was back in Episode One. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s going to happen in the next episode and finding out how the characters and the series will be affected by the arrival of the Calm.

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