This is an episode that features one self-contained story instead of being comprised of two separate stories.

At the beginning of the episode, Yukiya has finished the 37th version of the X-ray Glasses, but they turn out to be a total failure. Since the glasses are starting to have smoke come out of them, they are thrown out the window. Toru Suzuki, the student council member who has a chip on his shoulder in regards to the Glasses Club, is walking by below. The glasses fall to the ground at his feet, and just as he’s about to examine them, they explode. Toru also discovers a book on the ground and reads through it. He finds something interesting in it, which he takes to the student council.

The Glasses Club finds a notice posted saying, “All clubs not containing at least five members will be dissolved. In order to adhere to these guidelines, you must increase your membership by the end of the day or your club will be dissolved. This is a final decision not subject to change. If you do not increase your membership, we will take immediate action to have your club dissolved.” When Hayato says there’s five members, Akira reminds him that he’s simply a provisional member of the club and therefore doesn’t count. Hayato suggests that they add him as a fifth member and then the problem will be solved. Akira doesn’t listen to this suggestion and decides they need to recruit some new members. Unfortunately, recruitment doesn’t go well.

While this has been going on, Yukiya has holed himself up in the club room, working on the 38th version of the X-ray Glasses. Yukiya falls asleep in the club room, and Akira notices the glasses. Without waking up Yukiya to ask if the glasses are finished, Akira picks them up and puts them on. He finds himself suddenly needing to say what is exactly on his mind, and goes to the student council room to tell them what he thinks. When Yukiya wakes up and finds the glasses are gone, he and the other members of the Glasses Club chase down Akira to try to prevent him from doing something stupid and causing the Glasses Club to be dissolved.

This episode reveals why Toru has such an issue with the Glasses Club. Actually, it’s not so much with the actual Glasses Club itself as it is with Akira. It turns out that Toru is hypersensitive about something that Akira did, and is taking it out on the Glasses Club. In a flashback, it appears that Toru went to join the Glasses Club, but ended up not doing so when he found out Akira was the club’s president. The reason for Toru’s resentment against the Glasses Club is ultimately rather silly, but what would you expect from a series like Meganebu!?

The resolution of the episode is basically what viewers of this series have come to expect from it. Everything has to turn out okay in order for the series to continue, and the resolution has to be achieved through the use of humorous elements.

I’m willing to say that overall, I enjoyed Episode Seven of Meganebu! better than I did Episode Six, but it didn’t help to build my interest level in this series back up.

Like I said in my writeup for Episode Six, I’m going to continue following Meganebu! to its conclusion since I’ve already invested several weeks of my time into the series.

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