Well, it looks like I was wrong when I thought that Asagi may have found out the truth about Kojou. While she sees Sayaka with her blade and all the swirling wind and color around Kojou, the wind knocks Asagi down and she is unconscious before she can truly deduce what’s going on. Yukina is able to save the day by using her sword and an incantation to stop what’s happening to Kojou. Yukina lectures Kojou and Sayaka about what they did, and she takes Asagi to the nurse’s office.

Nagisa joins Yukina at the nurse’s office, and Astarte gives a diagnosis. Asagi is experiencing mild shock symptoms, but no after-effects are expected. Asagi regains consciousness shortly after, but they are interrupted by intruders in the building headed to their location. Several demons enter, and Nagisa begins to freak out, and we learn why Nagisa reacted this way later in the episode. Christoph Gardos enters the room, looking for Asagi. As Astarte is about to activate a self-defense mechanism, one of the demons shoots her with a gun.

Kojou and Sayka hear the gunshots on the roof and they hurry to the nurse’s office. They find an injured Astarte on the floor, but that the others are gone. Motoki, meanwhile, witnesses Asagi, Yukina, and Nagisa being forced into the back of a van at gunpoint. He follows the vehicle, and the audience learns about some powers he has that were unknown previously in the series. Unfortunately, Dmitrie intercepts him and stops him from interfering with what’s going on.

Asagi learns that Christoph was the one who sent her the puzzle in the previous episode, and now he wants her to analyze the control commands for the Nalakuvera, the weapon that was revealed back in Episode Six. Asagi is essentially forced to help Christoph with his plans.

Near the end of the episode, Kojou and Sayaka arrive at the subfloat that Natsuki was heading to back in Episode Six. They encounter Natsuki and Dmitrie there, and the Nalakuvera weapon is also revealed to the audience. Right at the end of the episode, we see Kojou and Yukina getting started on their roles for this part of the story.

One of the more interesting parts of the episode was the revelation for Nagisa. It’s a fact that, as far as I remember, had not been hinted at prior to this episode. And now knowing she has a fear of demons, what would happen to her if she learned that her own brother became a vampire?

Another thing of interest is Dmitire’s role in this storyline. Right now, it appears he may be playing both sides against each other, because we learn he has connections with both Kojou and his group as well as with Christoph. What are Dmitrie’s true motivations? Does he have his own agenda and is ultimately using both sides to achieve his goals in the guise of making them think he’s helping them?

There was also a more light-hearted scene on the school roof between Kojou and Sayaka after Yukina leaves with Asagi. At first, it’s Sayaka’s usual arguing and getting digs in on Kojou. Over the course of this scene, though, Sayaka seems to be unconsciously starting to put her defenses down around him. There’s one point where Sayaka shows a picture on her phone from when she and Yukina were younger, and Kojou comments to Sayaka that she was pretty, even back then. This causes Sayaka to blush. I’m wondering if over the course of the series, Sayaka may end up developing some kind of an interest in Kojou.

This episode of Strike the Blood has added some twists, turns, and new elements to the story, and all of these have kept me interested in continuing on with the series.

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