At the beginning of this episode, Samurai Flamenco breaks up a conflict between a drunk man and someone else. At the end of the fight, a gentleman with glasses and a briefcase comes up and tells Samurai Flamenco that he’s going to die. Once they can get somewhere else and not be interrupted, the man introduces himself as Harazuka, from Monsters Stationery’s R&D department.

During their discussion, we learn Harazuka has been doing some research on Samurai Flamenco. Right now, he has limited attack options that force him into an ineffective, defensive style. It’s only a matter of time until he incurs a lethal blow. Harazuka says that Samurai Flamenco needs special weapons and shows him what’s in the briefcase. It turns out they won’t cost Samurai Flamenco anything, because Harazuka wants him to use the items in order to collect data. When Samurai Flamenco confirms that he’s testing them he says he’s happy to accept them.

One night when Samurai Flamenco is out on patrol, he finds himself being pursued by everyone around, and at first he’s confused. He learns from Hidenori that HIGH ROLLERS HI has upped the reward for his identity to 10 million yen. The remainder of the episode focuses on Samurai Flamenco being chased around by citizens and ultimately having to use the new weapons he acquired from Harazuka.

When you watch Samurai Flamenco pull out his new weapons, they seem kind of silly at first: Samurai Ink Eraser, Samurai Retractable Pen, Samurai Stapler, Samurai Tape Measure, and Samurai Glue. I should have figured that the weapons would be along these lines, since Harazuka is from a stationery company. While these weapons may not seem like much on the surface, they can actually do things to help Samurai Flamenco out. Of course, I’m now curious to see if these weapons will continue to be used in future episodes or if this is the only time they’ll appear in the series.

There’s also an amusing scene with Mari and Hidenori in this episode. Mari invites him over to her place under the guise of needing to see a cop in uniform in order to write a song. During this scene, she is awkwardly trying to seduce him. It’s so awkward that it’s on the amusing side. However, he catches on and informs her that he already has a girlfriend. After he leaves, she says in disbelief that she was shot down. Why do I have the feeling that she’ll continue to pursue him anyway?

In some respects, this episode of Samurai Flamenco may not have been quite as enjoyable as some of the previous episodes had been for me, but it wasn’t bad. I’m still interested in watching the show next week in order to find out what happens next.

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