This episode is actually one self-contained story instead of being two separate stories as the past couple of episodes had been.

In the club room, Akira calls for an MR Snap Inspection. Hayato asks what this is, and we learn that MR refers to glasses lenses. Akira explains the inspection is to check their lenses for damage and dirt and to learn in detail how they treat their MR on a daily basis. Hayato says that even though he doesn’t have lenses in his glasses, he still wants to be included in the inspection. Akira gives Yukiya 78 points, Takuma 60 points, and Mitsuki 95 points. Hayato thinks he’s been ignored, but Akira gives him -11 points.

After this, Mitsuki says he wishes there was a wipe that wouldn’t scratch the lenses no matter how much you wipe them. Just then, a flyer advertising an 80% bargain sale for a miraculous glasses wipe called Glasses Celeb is slipped through a crack in the club room door. Hayato suggests that they go buy some, and Akira thinks it’s a good idea.

Unfortunately, all of the pharmacies in their location are sold out. The audience sees in the background that there are people following them and buying up the boxes of Glasses Celeb before the Glasses Club can get there. The club gets on a train to go to a nearby town, and the audience sees that the people following them are also on the train.

After they get off the train and go to a pharmacy, the clerk says he will get the Glasses Celeb for them. While he’s gone, the episode spends some time with the various members of the club explaining how they maintain their glasses and the others’ reaction to it. Unfortunately, I thought a bit of this felt more like “filler” in order to make the episode be long enough for its allotted slot instead of truly adding much of anything to the story.

Finally, the clerk comes back and says they only have one box left, and that someone came in here and bought several boxes just a bit ago. Unfortunately, a surprise awaits the Glasses Club when they try to purchase the box.

At the end of the episode, we learn who it is that’s been following the Glasses Club around the whole time. From what was said at the end of the episode, I suspect that these individuals are going to become regular antagonists for the Glasses Club. I’m curious to see if I end up being right about this prediction or not.

Another thing to mention is the fact that the X-ray Glasses are never mentioned in this episode. By the end of the episode, it almost appears as if the Glasses Club may even be considering doing something different instead.

Something I noticed early on in the episode is that there were a couple of scenes that utilized reused footage. There was one scene that used the same shot twice, and another scene used a shot three times. The reused footage may have had different dialogue, but the animation was exactly the same. While the reused footage may have only appeared in two scenes, I thought that to be two scenes too many. As a viewer, I found this obviously reused footage to be distracting. It also made me think that the animators were finding ways to cut corners again.

I have to say that while this episode was overall better than Episode Five, I still didn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the first four episodes. I hate to say this, but I think my interest in Meganebu! is starting to cool at this point. The humor and gags were enjoyable at first, but I’m finding that the series is relying on a small handful of gags that are now starting to wear out their welcome.

Even though my interest in the series may be cooling, I’m going to continue watching it. I’ve invested a lot of time into Meganebu! already, so I may as well see it through to the end.

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