Episode Six backtracks slightly to the end of Episode Five, where Kojou and Yukina meet Lord Dimitrie Vatler of Ardeal at the party. They discover that another member of the Lion King Organization named Sayaka Kirasaka is acting as his observer. Not only that, but she’s Yukina’s roommate, friend, and backup in the organization. Sayaka makes it clear that she really doesn’t want Kojou having anything to do with Yukina. Later, she discovers that Yukina is a blood partner for Kojou, and takes it upon herself to monitor Kojou and Yukina.

Kojou and Yukina learn from Dimitrie that he is after Christoph Gardos and the Black Death Emperor Faction, because they have infiltrated Itogami Island. Dimitrie says he also intends to assassinate Gardos, but he can’t guarantee that the island will be safe if his Familiars decide Dmitrie needs to be protected. Yukina volunteers to take on the Black Death Emperor Faction in Kojou’s stead, since his Familiars still aren’t entirely obedient to him.

Meanwhile, Asagi talks to Motoki, complaining about Kojou and wondering if he and Yukina are going out. Motoki tells her to seduce him and set a “honey trap” to try to get some information out of him. After getting off the phone with Motoki, she receives a message asking her to decrypt some kind of puzzle. The decryption ends up being rather simple, but she doesn’t know what a “Nalakuvera” is.

Later, when Yukina and Kojou go to see Natsuki to try to find out where Christoph Gardos is, they learn about the Nalakuvera. It turns out to be a weapon that the Black Death Emperor Faction is after. Unfortunately, Natsuki’s not sure where it is because it’s already been stolen. However, something matching its description may have been found, and she’s about to go check it out. Natsuki warns the two of them to not get involved.

Kojou asks Asagi to help him find out more about the Nalakuvera. Before he says what he’s looking for, she says she doesn’t want to help. However, once he mentions the Nalakuvera, she says she’ll help him.

I’m glad to see that the references to Christoph Gardos that were made in Episode Five paid off for the viewer in Episode Six. Unfortunately, as part of the pay off, the viewer got hit with some “info dumping” during the party scene that takes place early on in the episode. There’s also some slight “info dumping” when Yukina and Kojou go to see Natsuki.

However, during the party scene, there’s an amusing portion for the viewer before we get the info dump. It turns out that Dimitrie was in love with the woman who had been the Fourth Progenitor before she gave her power to Kojou. Dmitrie says that since Kojou has her blood running through him, he will give Kojou his love. Of course, poor Kojou wants nothing to do with that. But now he’s in this awkward relationship web that includes Yukina, Asagi, and Dmitrie. Hopefully he won’t end up like Ranma Saotome from Ranma 1/2 and have a long list of suitors by the time this series is done!

I also appreciated seeing how the subplot with Asagi early on in the episode seemed to be unrelated at first, but then as the episode progressed, her knowledge became important for the story to progress. While this was a little predictable, I liked how the joining of the storylines was ultimately executed.

The ending of the episode was a bit intense, and it looks like Asagi could accidentally end up learning Kojou’s secret. I’m really curious to watch Episode Seven now to find out if she really has learned the truth, and to see how the various plots that have been developing up to this point in the series will progress.

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