This episode sees Mirai get her license back after it was taken away for a month back in Episode Five. She asks Ayaka if she knows about any profitable youmu. Mirai says her rent is due pretty soon and she needs to come up with the money in a few days. Mirai is told about a fruit-type youmu that wouldn’t go for less than 500,000 yen. Unfortunately, Mirai runs off before Ayaka can tell her about the nasty problem that it has. When it senses it’s in danger, it will explode and douses the threat with a noxious smelling liquid.

Akihito tries to help Mirai out, and the two of them are sprayed by the youmu twice. After doing some research, Akihito discovers this youmu has a thing for human girls, which can be used as a distraction. He tries to convince Mitsuki to be the distraction, but she refuses. So they end up having Mirai serve as the distraction, with Mitsuki going to defeat it. Unfortunately, this plan fails, and Mitsuki is sprayed with a different liquid. This marks the youmu’s scent on her so it knows where she is. And Mitsuki is unable to get rid of the smell, no matter how much she showers or washes her clothes.

Hiromi learns that this youmu also responds to someone singing at a set rhythm and moving their body to match the voice within its range of vision. The Literary Club, along with Ai, try to come up with a plan to defeat the youmu with this new information.

By the time I reached the end of this episode, I could tell that it falls into the “filler” category. While it was nice to see that Mirai got her license back, the rest of what happens in this episode is ultimately unimportant to the overall story. I will admit that the story was a little humorous, but it’s not one of the stronger episodes of Beyond the Boundary. It wasn’t a bad episode, per se, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I had the previous five episodes of the series.

From seeing the preview for next week’s episode, it looks like the overarching storyline and the more serious nature of the series will be returning. Perhaps this is why it was decided to have a light-hearted episode and a filler episode at this point in order to let the audience unwind a little before starting into another serious storyline.

After seeing the preview for Episode Seven, I’m looking forward to seeing what happens and how the overarching story will be progressing.

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