BlazBlue: Alter Memory: Episode 6 – “False World”

Episode Six opens with Nu having a confrontation with Ragna, and Tager watching from the sidelines. We learn from Kokonoe that this confrontation is ultimately just a test for Lambda. However, during the fight, Nu suddenly stops, shakes and manages to get out, “Ragna.” Kokonoe realizes that this one has the remnants of Nu-13’s memories. She tells Tager to retrieve the unit, which he does. Ragna notices Tager and refers to him as “Red Devil.”

The vast majority of this episode actually focuses on Jin. He encounters a man named Bang Shishigami, and Jin recognizes him as a defeated warrior from Ikaruga. He has a scar on his face that strongly resembles the scar on the face of Scar in Fullmetal Alchemist. In addition, we learn that the people from Ikaruga were defeated and driven from their home. This made me think of what happened to the Ishvalan people from Fullmetal Alchemist.

Bang says he will avenge his lord’s death, but discovers rather quickly that Jin is injured. Instead of fighting with Jin, Bang takes him to his home. Bang has Dr. Litchi come over and take care of Jin’s wounds.

Bang decides that he will wait to have his fight with Jin until after his wounds have healed. Instead, Bang takes Jin around the city. At one point, they stop to have some tea. When they finish, Bang tells Jin that he needs to return without him but that Jin is free to explore the city. Before Jin can go anywhere, he is approached by Tsubaki, his old friend who has been ordered to execute Jin and Noel. A confrontation takes place here, and something surprising happens.

This episode also sees the Takama-ga-hara making another appearance, and we learn that they have the ability to make time go backward and change what has happened in the past in order to change the outcome of an event that they do not desire. This right here shows that the Takama-ga-hara are some kind of powerful being and that they have the ability to ultimately decide what will happen. Rachel, while having some tea, sees that this has happened and makes a comment that, “A world that picks and chooses only what is convenient is unromantic in the worst possible way.”

With this episode of BlazBlue: Alter Memory, I felt like even though I’m starting to get the occasional piece of information here and there, I still don’t feel like I’m truly getting that much closer to understanding the series than I did after the first couple of episodes. It almost feels as if I can almost figure something out, but the understanding is still just out of my reach.

At this point, I think it’s safe to say that this series will probably be received a lot better by viewers who already have familiarity and knowledge of the BlazeBlue video game franchise than to viewers like myself who went into this series without any prior knowledge. At this point, I’ll keep on watching since I’ve invested so much time into it already, but this is definitely the series I look forward to watching the least of the 12 series that I’m watching for the Fall 2013 anime season.

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