Manga Review: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle Volume 12

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle Volume 12 is a manga by CLAMP, and it was published in North America by Del Rey Manga in 2007. The series is rated “T” for teens 13 and up; from what I’ve read of the series so far, I would agree with this rating.

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle Volume 12
Written by: CLAMP
Publisher: Kodansha
English Publisher: Del Rey Manga
Release Date: January 30, 2007

A young man named Syaoran is in love with Princess Sakura from the country of Clow. After Sakura loses her memories through an unexplained event, Syaoran goes on a journey to different worlds to try to find and regain Sakura’s lost memories. Unfortunately, as part of his journey, he mad to make a deal with the space-time witch Yuko in order to receive her help; Syaoran had to agree that Sakura would never regain her memories of the time she had spent with him. Syaoran is accompanied by Fai, Kurogane, and Mokona on his quest.

Volume 12 focuses exclusively on the Dragonfly Race that’s taking place in Piffle World. However, this volume also concludes this particular story arc.

The story picks back up at the second checkpoint in the final race. At this point in the race, the only major characters left in the competition are Syaoran, Kurogane, and Sakura. During the third checkpoint, one of these characters is knocked out of the race.  In addition to this, a collision knocks another one of the major characters out of the race. The last main character that’s still in the race has to be one to win if Sakura will be able to get her feather back.

The portion of this volume that focused on the actual race itself made for quick reading, because there was so much action taking place in the panels and not as much dialogue is being spoken.

After the race is done and the winner is declared, it’s revealed who it was that was causing the issues during the race; the answer to this question caught many of the characters off-guard. I was caught off-guard by it, too; however, looking back on what happened in the previous volume, perhaps I should have been able to pick up on it being this person before the big reveal. However, it’s also revealed that a second person not involved in the other person’s plot also had a hand in causing trouble during the race.

The last little bit of this volume takes place after the race is over. There’s some good character moments for Kurogane in this portion as he interacts with the Tomoyo of Piffle World.

Even though I may have complained about the Dragonfly Race arc when it started back in Volume 10, I came to enjoy it by the time in concluded in Volume 12. Now that I’ve read the whole arc, I realize this particular arc improved over the course of its run between Volumes 10 and 12; in some respects, I’m a little disappointed that it’s ending. Right at the end of this volume, Syaoran and the others are just leaving Piffle World, so I’m very interested to see what new story arc begins in Volume 13.

If you’ve read the previous volumes of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and have enjoyed them, then I think you will enjoy reading Volume 12.

I wrote this review after checking out a copy of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle Volume 12 that I checked out through the King County Library System.

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  1. The Lotus War · November 11, 2013

    What a good series! I have to admit, though… that it got so confusing toward the end. Barely finished -_______-

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