Anime DVD Review: Genesis Climber Mospeada

Genesis Climber Mospeada is better known to the American audience as the final third of the Robotech anime series. In 2003, ADV Films released a five disc box set for Genesis Climber Mospeada.

Genesis Climber Mospeada
English Publisher: ADV Films
Format: DVD
Release Date: June 17, 2003

An informational booklet was included with the box, which has staff interviews that feature four producers, the Series Composer, the General Director of Animation, two mechanical designers, the Character Designer, the Director of Audio, as well as a few other staff members. The booklet also includes four essays: About the Evolution of the Inbit, The Battle of Mars Colony’s Earth Liberation Force and the Inbit, A Dream Sequel to “Mospeada”?, as well as an essay written by director Katsuhisa Yomada. It should be noted that there are absolutely no pictures included in the booklet. The booklet is an interesting read, and contains a lot of information and viewpoints that should be of interest to fans of the Genesis Climber Mospeada television anime series.

When comparing Genesis Climber Mospeada with what appeared in Robotech, the only real differences are in shots edited for content and different names for the characters.  Other than that, the storyline stayed rather intact.

In the DVD box set, each disc contains five episodes; however, only the first four discs contain bonus features. Disc one has character bios, which include the name, age, blood type and write-up for each major character; the only exception is Marlene, who only gets her name and a write-up included. The characters with biographies are Stig Bernard, Ray, Marlene, Mint Rubble, Houquet Erose, Jim Austin, Yellow Belmont, and Aisha.

Disc two includes textless versions of the opening and closing credits. Disc three contains a Production Portfolio, which is a slideshow of production art, and is done in a similar style to the Production Portfolio that appears on the Super Dimensional Cavalry: Southern Cross box set; this means that this is a slideshow feature that was done in such a way that you can’t skip ahead. And disc four contains previews for properties that ADV was promoting at the time this DVD box set was released.

The menus for each disc are rather simplistic, and it has what is basically a rather plain gray background. However, on the fifth disc, since there are no special features, there is a shot of Stig in his armor sitting on his bike at the bottom of the main menu.

Also, the way this DVD set was produced, there is no “Play All” feature; instead, after you watch an episode that you select, it will go straight into the next episode. So while it’s supposedly an episode selection menu, it’s actually a menu that allows you to choose where you want to start in what is essentially a “Play All” feature.

While the box set for Genesis Climber Mospeada may not be an overly impressive box set, it’s still worth owning simply to see how the series originally went in Japan. This set is now out of print, but I would definitely recommend picking it up if you come across a used copy of the set.

I wrote this review after watching a copy of the Genesis Climber Mospeada DVD box set that my husband and I purchased.

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