This is another episode of the series that Crunchyroll has designated being appropriate for viewers 18 years of age and older due to content, and will require you to log in to view it. After watching this episode, I really didn’t understand why it was given this designation. While this episode did have some “fanservice” shots, they weren’t any worse than what appeared in the first episode, which did not receive this designation. I wonder if Crunchyroll went back to Episode One and put this designation on the episode at this point.

At the beginning of Episode Five, Leon Magic Shop has no customers and hasn’t had any customers all day. The manager comes in and brings in an article saying that Amada Magic is opening a huge new flagship store in the capital. We learn Amada is the biggest magic store in the business, and in terms of sales, they own over 50% of the market. There are worries that Leon Magic Shop could close down.

The manager calls a meeting and takes them out to a restaurant to discuss the issue. After brainstorming a couple of ideas, the assistant manager suggests scouting out the competition. The manager orders Raul and Fino to go undercover.

Raul and Fino go to the grand opening sale, and it turns out Elza and Lam are also there. In addition, Raul’s former classmate Airi has a job at the new Amada store, and is rather embarrassed by the Playboy bunny-like uniform that she’s expected to wear as a female employee.

There’s a lot of comedy included in this episode, but there’s also a looming threat of problems for Leon Magic Shop. This looming threat is reinforced when the manager and assistant manager receive a visit from a couple of men from corporate and hearing what could potentially happen to their store if the opening of this new Amada store causes a 40% drop in profit margins.

During the grand opening sale, Raul and Elza run into each other, and Elza asks if he’s alone. When Raul says Fino is with him, Elza cozies up and says every time she asks him out, he turns her down. Later in this scene, Elza tells him that next time he can go on a date with her. After seeing this scene, I wonder if this series may be starting evolve into a harem show. At this point, Raul has Fino, Airi, and Elza in the harem, and after Nova’s comment last week, I wonder if she likes him, too.

Also, I’m starting to think that the manager of Leon Magic Shop is trying to play matchmaker for Raul and Fino. It seems like she’s trying to find ways for the two of them to be together, whether it’s having Fino rent the room next door to Raul or assigning Fino and Raul to do things together.

I’m still enjoying I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job., because it still has a good mix of humor and drama. While this series is still primarily a comedy, it does include serious elements when it’s relevant. While it appears this may be headed toward becoming a harem show, I’ve become so interested in the characters that I can overlook the potential harem aspect. Now that Leon Magic Shop has some serious competition, I’m curious to see what will happen to the story in the series as it goes forward from this point.

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