Project-H, the adult imprint of Digital Media, has announced that it has acquired the second volume of the Sexless Friend manga.

The story of Sexless Friend is described as:

Suou Tsukasa, a popular college student adored by every girl, is looking to go through his college years like any other student. In his early school days he fell in love with a fellow student Kizaki Megumu. The only issue is that he cannot approach girls, let alone confess his love, despite being popular. One evening when Suou took Ms. Hime, his professor, home from being too drunk in a party, he learns that she has problems approaching guys. Ms. Hime and Suou then form a special friendship to practice dating for the real world, dubbing their friendship “sexless friends.”

This volume is scheduled to be released on February 25, 2015 for both print and digital, for a price of US$17.95.