Samurai Flamenco decides to patrol Numasaki, and as he goes on patrol, the people on the street recognize him and want to shake his hand and take pictures with him. After a little bit of this, he is finally able to get away from the crowd. He comes across two guys trying to break into a car. While he tries to talk to them and get them to stop, a third man comes up from behind and grabs him. One of the other men punches Samurai Flamenco, and he’s knocked out.

When Samurai Flamenco awakens, he overhears the men talking about the fact that there’s a million yen reward for his identity. Just as a camera is set up and they are about to unmask Samurai Flamenco, a vehicle suddenly bursts through a wall. A girl dressed like a magical girl and wielding a baton comes out of the vehicle and starts attacking the men holding Samurai Flamenco. During the confrontation, she refers to herself as Flamenco Girl. She is victorious over the bad guys, and she takes Samurai Flamenco and the camera with her into her vehicle.

As they’re driving in the vehicle, the girl is able to deduce that Samurai Flamenco is really Masayoshi. When the girl unmasks herself, she’s revealed to be Mari, the lead singer of the idol girl group that Masayoshi met while making a guest appearance on a show

When they get to her place, he sees that she has a magical girl collection, and he realizes she’s an otaku like him. Mari corrects him and says he’s like her. She then gets a little upset with Masayoshi, because she had been training and getting ready to debut as a hero, but then Masayoshi came out of nowhere as Samurai Flamenco. If she debuts now, she’ll be accused of being a copycat. Mari ends up blackmailing Masayoshi into letting her team up with him. If he refuses, she’ll reveal his identity. He ends up agreeing.

Unfortunately, Flamenco Girl is more likely to use a lot of force and cause more issues than Samurai Flamenco, and this has made them both rather notorious, both to the citizens and to the police. Hidenori is given a memo saying that while a number of calls about these two have come from grateful citizens, they have also received complaints about excessive force, use of dangerous weaponry, and general disruptions. The officers have been asked to please track any sightings of these two in their precincts. The remainder of the episode sees Hidenori getting involved in a situation involving Samurai Flamenco and Flamenco Girl.

The addition of Flamenco Girl to the series is… interesting, for lack of a better term. She’ll definitely be keeping both Masayoshi and Hidenori on their toes, but hopefully she’ll start toning down her act somewhat. Unfortunately, she does seem to crave the attention and the spotlight as Flameco Girl. This makes sense, since Mari is the lead singer of an idol girl group. Mari/Flamenco Girl ultimately adds some exuberance to this series.

Well, it appears Joji may not be quite as major of a character as I thought he might be. We saw him early on in this episode, and he says he’s going to accompany Masayoshi to Numasaki. However, he sends a text message saying he had an offer from Hollywood so is unable to come. But during the one scene we saw him in, Joji was definitely acting a lot more like Might Guy from Naruto than Mister Satan from Dragon Ball Z.

This episode adds not only the new element of Flamenco Girl, but it also adds a higher police scrutiny on Samurai Flamenco. I have a feeling that as the series progresses, this could cause an even worse conflict of interest for Hidenori than he already has. These new elements make me curious to see how the story of this series will progress in future episodes.

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