At the beginning of Episode Five, we see Akari and her father talking, with her father telling her to give up on Itaru. Later, we see him talking with Uroko-sama, and he makes the comment that what happens with Akari isn’t up to him. It’s up to Akari, because her life is her own.

Chisaki is running late to school, because she’s trying to find a red-bellied sea slug. Legend has it that if you tell it feelings you can’t tell to anyone else, it’ll tell you what’s going to happen in the future. Unfortunately, all she finds is a green-bellied sea slug.

When Chisaki makes it to the surface, she finds Tsugumu, who is also running late to school. They get into an awkward conversation, which ends up with Chisaki admitting to Tsugumu that she’s in love with Hikari. Unfortunately, Manaka comes up and hears what Chisaki has said. Manaka runs off, with Chisaki following her. When Chisaki catches up and explains what happened, she tells Manaka to forget what she had said to Tsugumu. Manaka reluctantly agrees to this.

Meanwhile, Akari goes back to work at the store, and Itaru comes up and says he needs to talk with her. Akari tells him that they should break up, and that their relationship was a mistake. During this scene, we see a flashback of how their situation ended up this way, and it culminates with the two of them telling Miuna about being together, and Miuna not taking it well. Itaru tells her that he doesn’t want to break up, but he thinks they just acted too fast.

When Akari returns to the store, she finds Miuna working on her message on the wall, where she’s trying to spell “Go away” with gum. As Miuna starts to run off, Akari tells her to wait. Akari says it’s OK, she’ll go away somewhere so Miuna doesn’t need to worry anymore. Akari turns and walks away, leaving Miuna stunned.

That night, Miuna doesn’t return home and her friend doesn’t know where she is. Akari is panicked, and Hikari offers to help look for her. When Akari tries to say no, Hikari tells her to stop treating him like a child and trying to replace their mother. He ends up telling her to try to become Miuna’s new mother instead.

Akari, Hikari, Manaka, Chisaki, and Kaname search for Miuna. The rest of the episode focuses on the search and what happens afterward.

This episode makes a lot of important progress for Akari’s story arc, and it appears it may have essentially reached its conclusion in this episode as well. It was refreshing to see what Akari’s father’s true feelings on this whole matter were, because he had been so tight-lipped about his position prior to this episode.

It was also nice to see Chisaki starting to truly confront her feelings about Hikari. One part of the scene where Chisaki tells her secret to Tsumugu was actually a little amusing. Before she tells Tsumugu about her feelings, she asks if he could be a sea slug for her. He’s confused and doesn’t know what she’s talking about, and I found it amusing that the boy who’s so fascinated by the sea village doesn’t know the legend of the red-bellied sea slug.

There was some very well done character development in this episode, and the drama included in this character development really helps to propel the story.

Now that Akari’s story seems to basically be resolved, I hope to see more of a focus on the middle school characters and their stories in future episodes of Nagi no Asukara.

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