Noein Original Soundtrack 1 was a soundtrack released in Japan for the Noein: To Your Other Self anime series. This disc contains 23 tracks, all of which come from the orchestral background music for Noein: To Your Other Self.

Noein Original Soundtrack 1
Publisher: Lantis
Release Date: January 12, 2006

The orchestral score pieces included on this CD are in the same league as the orchestral film scores done by such composers as John Williams. And, if I’m not mistaken, the orchestral songs on this disc are arranged in the order that they appear in the series.

On the first disc, you are instantly grabbed by “Shangri-La,” the opening song on the CD. This song, along with several of the other songs on this soundtrack, almost sound as if they were inspired by Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana. And some of the background music used in the scenes that take place in modern day Hakodate sounds as if it were inspired by Irish music.

The music on this soundtrack for Noein: To Your Other Self may have been composed to be background music for the series, but many of the songs are enjoyable to listen to in their own right. I can put this CD on while I’m doing housework, and the music doesn’t simply get lost in the background as I work. Some of the songs grab my attention, even if I’m focusing on doing something else, and I have to stop what I’m doing and listen to the music. I honestly can’t say that about many other film and television score CDs.

Unfortunately, this soundtrack was only released in Japan, and no soundtrack for Noein: To Your Other Self has been released in the United States. I had to import this disc from Japan, and was fortunate enough to find a website that could still acquire it, since this CD was already “out of print.” If you enjoy the music from Noein: To Your Other Self and want to track down this CD, then I would highly recommend finding an online store that can help you import it.

Since there’s very little in the way of tracklist information for this CD that’s available online, I’m including the tracklist below:

  1. Shangri-La
  2. Kakute, Tatakau
  3. Haikyo no Chijou
  4. Lacrima, Chika Sekai
  5. Jikuu Teni
  6. Mirai no Haruka
  7. Karasu’s Theme
  8. Ryuukihei-tachi no Tatakai
  9. Haruka no Uchi
  10. Tomodachi to Tomoni
  11. Baron to Tono
  12. Yuu’s Theme
  13. Ai to Haruka
  14. Vision wo Miru Haruka
  15. Kodomo-tachi no Isakai
  16. Kodomo-tachi no Seikatsu
  17. Yuruyaka na Kanashimi
  18. Omoi
  19. Unmei to Kanashisa
  20. Kawaii Yaritori
  21. Hizashi no Naka de
  22. Unmei no Wadachi
  23. Lacrima Jikuu Kai

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