Episode Five begins with the fight between the familiars that began at the end of Episode Four. Unfortunately, this ends up being a rather short battle, because one of Kyoko’s familiars quickly breaks Harutora’s kendo sword and knocks him over. The teacher declares Kyoko the winner.

Later in the classroom, students start approaching Harutora and telling him how impressed they were with his match. One boy, however, starts badmouthing Harutora, and Kon pulls her sword on him. Harutora calls off Kon and apologizes to the boy. Unfortunately for Harutora, the boy says that he hates Harutora. Natsume sees what’s going on and seems to become a little jealous.

Kyoko goes to see Harutora at the boys’ dorm to apologize for what had happened the previous day. She had fought with Harutora, but it was their teacher that she had the problem with. Kyoko starts hounding Harutora about exactly what kind of relationship that Harutora and Natsume have with one another. Natsume enters into the scene but doesn’t realize that they were talking about her. She starts lecturing Harutora that he’s so far behind everyone else that if he has the time to socialize, then he should be spending the time improving himself so he can become a real onmyo mage who doesn’t need to rely on the help of others.

Just then, a nearby wall breaks and black smoke comes out of it, and Natsume seems to disappear. Toji and Tenma enter the scene, with Tenma carrying a staff that the teacher asked him to deliver to Harutora. After Harutora is handed the staff, he asks the others to lend him their powers. They comply.

We discover that Natsume has been kidnapped by a magic investigator who is a Yakou devotee who wants Natsume to make him one of the familiars that serve her. Harutora and the others burst onto the scene, and a climactic battle takes place that causes Natsume to rethink some of the positions she’s held up to this point in the series.

This episode contains some background information for Kyoko, as well as some character development for Natsume. During this episode, the audience sees a Yakou devotee in action. While there had been references to Yakou devotees in Episode Four, this is the first one that the audience has actually seen. After seeing what she goes through with the Yakou devotee, it’s understandable why Natsume has been rather distant with most of the kids in the class prior to this episode. She knows there are Yakou devotees who are trying to make contact with her, and she doesn’t want to drag other people into her problems.

Of course, we now have an amusing aspect to the series: Kyoko believes that Natsume is a boy and has fallen in love with Natsume. Not only that, she expects Harutora to help her and Natsume begin dating. Poor Harutora is in a terrible predicament, because he can’t tell Kyoko that Natsume is really a girl, and he has no desire to help Kyoko since he knows that Natsume is actually a girl. I do believe that this is going to end up being a bit of a running gag throughout the rest of the series.

There was still some exposition in this episode, but it didn’t feel quite like the “info dump” that permeated Episode Four. And near the end of this episode, there’s actually a bit of action that takes place after Natsume is kidnapped.

As far as I can tell, it appears that most of the characters and the concepts of the series are now in place, so I’m very interested in seeing Episode Six to find out what will happen to Natsume, Harutora, and the others.

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