Just like Episode Two, Episode Four is split up into two stories: “This is What it Means to Wear Glasses!” and “Glasses Reflect the Soul and Who You Truly Are.” The first story focuses on Mitsuki, while the second story focuses on Takuma.

In “This is What it Means to Wear Glasses!,” Mitsuki finds his golden ratio between his glasses and his smile, and he’s excited about showing his results to Akira. As he heads to class, he has a flashback to when he first got his glasses and how much he thought they made him look like a dork. But after seeing Akira and the Glasses Club at a school assembly, he realizes that glasses aren’t that bad and wants to be like Akira.

When Mitsuki gets to the club room, Akira shoves a piece of paper into Mitsuki’s face where he has written down the five laws of the Glasses Club. Mitsuki notices that one of the laws says double glasses are forbidden. Double glasses is when you wear a pair of glasses normally and a second pair of glasses on your head. Mitsuki notices that Akira has a second pair of glasses on his head, and debates with himself whether or not to point this out.

Just then, the other members of the club arrive and they are shown a box that has emergency pairs of glasses in it, which each member can adjust to fit their prescription. Akira notices that one pair is missing and he doesn’t know what happened to it. The rest of the episode includes humorous moments where the club members try to get the glasses off of Akira’s head and not telling him that he has on the missing glasses.

“Glasses Reflect the Soul and Who You Truly Are” sees Takuma waking up in the morning. He realizes he accidentally fell asleep with his glasses on, and discovers that one of the temples is now bent wrong, so the glasses don’t quite stay on as well as they used to. When he goes to wash his face in the bathroom, he forgets to take his glasses off when he splashes his face with water. When he takes his glasses off, he places them on the open washing machine that’s in the room. One of Takuma’s brothers comes in and starts a load of laundry. In the process, Takuma’s glasses fall into the washing machine and no one notices.

When the load is finished, Takuma is told to take it out of the washing machine. He finds his glasses are inside, and that the bent temple has completely come off. Takuma received these glasses as a gift from his brothers when he started high school, so he feels he can’t tell them what happened. Instead, he tries to find ways to hide his broken glasses from his brothers, and his situation goes from bad to worse. There’s a surprise that’s revealed that ends the story.

After the serious nature of Episode Three, it makes sense to have Episode Four be a lot more humorous and light-hearted. While neither of these stories does anything to progress the overall goal of creating the X-ray glasses, they were still enjoyable to watch.

Like Episode Two, both of these stories present some character development for a couple of the characters. For Mitsuki, we learn why he idolizes Akira as much as he does. For Takuma, we come to better understand why he is such an easygoing character.

Meganebu! may not be a terribly deep anime, but it’s a fun and enjoyable light-hearted series. The comedy can be a little exaggerated at times, but it never feels stupid or ridiculous. I’m glad this series is simulcasting on Sundays, because it really is a great way to finish off the week and unwind. I’m looking forward to watching Episode Five in order to see what kind of hijinks and schemes the Glasses Club will be getting into next.

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