At the beginning of the Episode Three, Ishihara calls Masayoshi into her office and asks him point-blank if he’s Samurai Flamenco. He denies this several times. At one point, she tells him that if he’s lying, she’ll kill him. Even after this threat, Masayoshi still insists that he’s not Samurai Flamenco.

Later, Masayoshi and Hidenori go to a sporting goods store because Masayoshi thinks he needs a weapon to make up for how weak he is. A group of three girls approaches and ask if he’s Masayoshi the model. He says yes, and they say they recognize him from the video by the idol girl group. He takes pictures with the girls and then one of the girls asks if he’s Samurai Flamenco. Masayoshi says no, and Hidenori wonders why they ask. They show them a message on their phones about a million yen reward being offered for unmasking Samurai Flamenco, who has gained notoriety after a video of him getting Hidenori’s umbrella back becomes an internet sensation.

We learn that Konno from HIGH ROLLERS HI, who was introduced in Episode Two, is offering the reward and says he did it simply for entertainment. Konno wants to do an interview with Masayoshi, and Ishihara refuses. However, she gets a call from an FTV director about wanting Masayoshi to appear on The Wow Show!, and she accepts. After getting to the studio, they learn that Konno has also been invited onto the show and that the topic is going to be Samurai Flamenco.

During The Wow Show!, a man comes on stage in a Samurai Flamenco costume and claims that he’s the superhero everyone has been talking about. The man is Joji Kaname, the actor who portrayed Red Axe the Armored God, one of Masayoshi’s favorite characters. Joji takes all the credit for Samurai Flamenco, and Masayoshi is introduced to him as his biggest fan because of how many times he said he saw the Samurai Flamenco video on another episode of this show. At this point, Joji was really making me think of Mister Satan from Dragon Ball Z: a phony taking credit for someone else’s work.

At home, Masayoshi wonders why Joji is lying. He seriously considers letting Joji take over Samurai Flamenco so Masayoshi doesn’t embarrass Joji and ruin his image. Hidenori says Masayoshi can do that if he feels OK with it and won’t regret it later.

Joji is looking through fan mail and comes across a large envelope. Inside is a letter of challenge and a DVD box of Red Axe with the text, “Two Red Axes! Which Is Fake?” Joji answers the letter of challenge and learns the true identity of Samurai Flamenco. When I reached the end of this confrontation scene, I really wasn’t surprised by how it ended, since Joji is basically this series’ version of Mister Satan. And by the end of this scene, I was also seeing a little bit of a similar personality as Might Guy from Naruto.

There was a scene of this episode that stood out to me, and that’s when Hidenori is watching a copy of The Wow Show! at Masayoshi’s place. He makes the comment, “What the hell? There’s already a fake?” I ended up chuckling at that line and I found myself agreeing with Hidenori’s assessment.

Overall, I thought this episode of Samurai Flamenco was rather amusing, and it looks like Joji is going to end up becoming a recurring character in the series. So far, he appears to be a cross between Mister Satan from Dragon Ball Z and Might Guy from Naruto. With this mixture of personality traits, he could end up becoming an interesting character. At this point, I basically see Joji as a has-been action star who is trying to cash in on the Samurai Flamenco sensation in order to try to resurrect his career.

I enjoyed watching this episode of Samurai Flamenco, and I’m looking forward to watching Episode Four in order to find out what happens next.

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