At the beginning of the episode, the audience, along with Hidenori, learns that a lot of complaints have been lodged with the police in regards to a man in tights that is wandering around at night and calls himself a superhero. Hidenori knows exactly who is being referenced.

One night, Hidenori is going out to get some dinner, when a taxi pulls up with Masayoshi in it. Masayoshi gets out of the taxi and invites Hidenori to his place in order to have some curry. While they’re at Masayoshi’s place, Masayoshi’s agent Ishihara arrives with materials she forgot to give him. Since Ishihara doesn’t approve of people having hobbies, Masayoshi and Hidenori rush around to clean up the various otaku items that are out. Unfortunately, Masayoshi misses an accessory on the coffee table, and this is important for something that happens later in the episode.

Later, we see Masayoshi on the set for a show that he’s making a guest appearance on, and the show features a trio of girls that appear to be an idol group. Masayoshi is feeling nervous during a rehearsal, and he starts thinking about superhero things in his head as he goes through the rehearsal. At one point, a theme song goes through his head, and right at the end of the rehearsal, he accidentally sings something out loud. The lead of the idol group hears him and is about to ask him about it, when the director calls out “Cut!”

Hidenori and Masayoshi meet up for dinner at a restaurant, and Hidenori tells Masayoshi to shelve the Samurai Flamenco gig for a while, because the police have been getting a lot of complaints about him. After a bit of conversing and arguing, we learn why Masayoshi wanted to become a superhero. When he was in the first grade, someone took his umbrella from school on a rainy afternoon, and Masayoshi took someone else’s. The kid whose umbrella he took became sick with a cold from walking home in the rain. When Masayoshi went to apologize to his classmate, he realized how serious his crime was. He goes on a bit of spiel about umbrellas being the most commonly stolen item in Japan and how this has created a vicious cycle.

Hidenori becomes drunk over the course of the evening, and Masayoshi has to escort him out of the restaurant when it closes. When they go to get Hidenori’s umbrella, they find that it’s gone. They manage to see who took the umbrella, and Masayoshi takes on the Samurai Flamenco persona to chase the man down. The rest of the episode focuses on the chase and what happens afterward. Personally, I thought the chase sequence was rather amusing to watch.

So Masayoshi wanted to become a superhero because of umbrella theft, huh? At first, the reason for his wanting to become a superhero and his declarations of how umbrella theft is creating a vicious cycle of crime seem to be “over the top” and kind of silly. However, Masayoshi was established as a rather “over the top” character in the first episode, so this really fits in with his character.

From seeing the ending credits, it appears that the female idol group is going to become an important part of the series and aren’t simply one shot characters for this episode. It also appears that the leader of the idol group may have an interest in superheroes, which I suspect will cause her to develop some kind of interest in Samurai Flamenco without realizing that he and Masayoshi are the same person. I’m very curious to see if I end up being right with this prediction.

Samurai Flamenco is an enjoyable series to watch, and it contains a good mixture of humor and serious moments. After seeing what happened at the end of Episode Two, I’m interested to see what will happen with Masayoshi/Samurai Flamenco in Episode Three.

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