The majority of Episode Three focuses on the bicycle race between Shunsuke and Sakamichi. There’s a slight backtrack to the end of Episode Two, when Sakamichi is able to stay steady on his “mommy” bike after Miki adjusted the height of the saddle.

As Shunsuke rides, he realizes that Sakamichi uses cadence when he’s pedaling, and he wants to see how far Sakamichi can climb like that since he’s an amateur. Suddenly, Sakamichi catches back up with Shunsuke. From here, we see Shunsuke get ahead, but Sakamichi is able to catch back up. Near the end of the race, Shunsuke asks Sakamichi why he’s trying to keep up with him. Sakamichi answers that he just wants to, no matter what, to be able to revive the anime club. He also adds that he doesn’t have any friends.

In the end, Shunsuke wins the race. However, Miki tells Sakamichi not to be disappointed. She also says that she thinks what Sakamichi can do with his bike is amazing. After the race, Sakamichi goes home, disappointed that Shunsuke won’t be joining the anime club. Shunsuke, meanwhile, goes home and continues his grueling training. As he trains, he thinks about his race with Sakamichi.

The next day at school, Sakamichi goes to return the device that Shunsuke let him borrow for the race. Shunsuke tells him it’s a cheap one and he can keep it. Shunsuke then asks Sakamichi to join the bicycle racing club. While Sakamichi may not be strong yet, his pedaling is good. Shunsuke says he won’t force him to join, and he also adds that a lot of the kids at the school went to middle school with him, and he’s talked with people who he thinks might be interested in the anime club. Shunsuke also tells Sakamichi that he hopes he can find more members. With this scene, we can see the seeds have been planted for Sakamichi to potentially join the bicycle racing club. We can tell from the opening credits that Sakamichi will end up joining the club, so I’m very curious to see how he ultimately ends up becoming a member of the bicycle racing club.

Right at the end of the episode, Sakamichi encounters a boy while he’s in Akihabara who takes an interest in Sakamichi’s “mommy” bike. His name isn’t given in this episode, but I suspect we will find out who he is in Episode Four. I recognize this boy from the opening credits, so he’s going to become an important character in the series.

I’m still enjoying watching Yowamushi Pedal, and I thought the depiction of the bicycle race was very well done. There was a lot of action going on, with just enough explanation through the play-by-play given by Miki and her friends in the van for the audience to understand what was happening. By the end of this episode, I also came to appreciate Shunsuke more as a character. I’m genuinely looking forward to watching Yowamushi Pedal next week to find out how the story will continue.

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