Episode Three returns to having one overarching story for the episode. The story begins with the Glasses Club gathering at Café Tet-chan, and the club members are talking with Asahina Tetsu, the proprietor of the café. They see a picture of him from when he was in high school. Asahina comments that when he was in high school, the classes seemed to be so long and boring. Hayato asks why an hour is 60 minutes and muses that classes would go by faster if an hour was only 55 minutes. Akira praises Hayato, and tells Yukiya to produce a large number of 55-minute clocks.

The Glasses Club launches “Operation: Starting Tomorrow, There Will Be 55 Minutes in an Hour.” After the last faculty members leave the school for the day, the Glasses Club goes through the school and replaces all of the clocks. When Hayato goes to replace the clock in the Broadcasting Club room, he finds a hidden door that has a pair of old Ray-Ban sunglasses hidden in it. Akira realizes that these are old Ray-Bans that are discontinued and are ultra-rare now. Akira has Yukiya take the sunglasses so he can fix them up.

The next day, the Glasses Club’s plan with the clocks only works for the first two periods. Once the teachers catch on that all of the school clocks are wrong, the teachers run the classes by their own watches. Later, Yukiya says that the 55-minute clock wasn’t entirely a failure, because working on them gave him a hint on how to approach the X-Ray Glasses. He makes the final adjustments, and Akira insists on testing them right then and there. They’re not X-Ray Glasses, but Akira is able to see the ghost of a boy named Mochizuki Koichi, and he also wears glasses. Mochizuki asks to join the Glasses Club, and Akira allows him to join. It turns out that Yukiya made a pair of glasses that can’t see through things, but are capable of seeing ghosts.

That night, Mochizuki follows Akira home since he has nowhere else to go. While Mochizuki is there, Akira learns that Mochizuki had unfinished business that left him here instead of allowing him to rest in peace. He had borrowed a friend’s sunglasses and accidentally broke them. Instead of telling his friend or giving them back, he hid the sunglasses in a cupboard. He then told his friend that he had already returned them, and the two of them got in a fight. As Mochizuki headed home, he realized he had done something terrible and turned to go back. Unfortunately, he was hit by a car and killed. Just before he died, his soul cried out that he needed to return the sunglasses, and his spirit flew to the school and came to dwell in the sunglasses. Akira is able to piece everything together and realizes what needs to be done in order for Mochizuki to finally rest in peace.

By the time I finished this episode, I was stunned. This series, which had been light-hearted for the previous two episodes, suddenly takes a very serious turn. While the seriousness really didn’t kick in until near the end of the episode, it’s the serious portion of the episode that remains in my memory more than the light-hearted material earlier in the episode. I’m very pleased to see that this series is willing to tackle something a little more serious and won’t shy away from a serious storyline. However, it remains to be seen whether or not the series will include other storylines that are serious in nature, or if it will focus a lot more on light-hearted stories.

Back in my writeup for Episode One, I had pointed out that the “No-Glasses” students looked generic but that the adults looked normal. In this episode, it was made clear that the reason we saw adults in that first episode was due to the fact that they wore glasses. In Episode Three, I saw generic staff members as they were comparing notes about the times on their watches. So it appears everyone in this series looks generic unless they wear glasses.

Seeing Episode Three made me realize that there’s even more to Meganebu! than what appears on the surface. I’m very glad I continued on with Meganebu! after watching the first episode, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens to the Glasses Club in Episode Four.

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