Unlike the first episode, this episode of Meganebu! is split into two stories: “Any Man Who Wears Glasses Cannot Be a Bad Man” and “The Current Strongest Frames.”

The main focus of “Any Man Who Wears Glasses Cannot Be a Bad Man” is Hayato, the provisional member who is part of the club because he wears fake glasses for style. He goes to the club room, which looks blackened due to the club causing an explosion in it prior to the start of the series. As he works at trying to clean it up, he discovers photo albums of the Glasses Club. He’s amused when he sees pictures of the older members when they first joined, but is surprised to find that in the pictures from after he joined, he doesn’t appear in any of them. As soon as I saw that, I was able to guess from a mile away why Hayato was missing from the pictures. And sure enough, the last scene of the story proved me right.

The next day, Hayato learns that the club has been given a new room that’s two floors up, but no one had informed him of that. Hayato barges into the new room, demanding why he wasn’t informed. His rival Mitsuki was supposed to pass on the message and didn’t, because he doesn’t believe that Hayato should even be a member of the club, since he doesn’t really wear glasses. It’s explained that Akira and Yukiya looked through Hayato’s family tree and discovered that one of his ancestors is Ouchi Yoshitaka, the medieval lord who received the first pair of glasses in Japan from Francisco Xavier. Because of having this person in his family tree, Akira allowed Hayato to join the club as a provisional member.

This story was very effective in establishing both why Hayato is a member of the club and why Mitsuki doesn’t like Hayato. While we saw in the first episode that Mitsuki had a rivalry with Hayato, it wasn’t truly explained until this story.

The second story, “The Current Strongest Frames,” focuses on Yukiya. The Glasses Club isn’t meeting, because Akira had to stay home from school due to a cold. However, Yukiya still finds the time to research frame strength, because the development of the X-ray Glasses requires this kind of effort every day.

When he finishes, he is walking somewhere on foot. When he reaches a rather narrow bridge, he has to avoid being hit by a truck. Unfortunately, Yukiya falls into the water under the bridge. He slips as he tries to get back up to the road, steps on a beverage can, and falls back into the water. The second time he tries to get out of the water, he steps on something that hits him in the face and flings mud at a nearby bird. The bird becomes angry and chases Yukiya after he makes it back onto the road. During this sequence, I found myself thinking that an appropriate title for this story would be something like, “Yukiya’s No Good, Horrible, Very Bad Day.”

As he’s being chased by the bird, he has a flashback to when he was a kid and was being chased by a dog. He remembers other kids saying things like, “When Minabe’s around, all you have is back luck,” “Minabe’s a bad luck charm!,” and “Hey! Keep away from me, bad luck charm!” I found myself feeling sorry for Yukiya for how he was being teased as I saw this flashback sequence.

We find out that Yukiya’s destination is Akira’s house, in order to share with him the glasses frames that he tested, because these frames are now the current strongest frames. During this sequence, we see a flashback sequence that shows how Akira and Yukiya became friends back when they were kids.

I thought that this story was a great character piece for Yukiya. In the first episode, he simply came across as the one-dimensional “smart boy” of the group. This episode shows that Yukiya isn’t perfect, and can actually be rather clumsy. I also appreciated seeing the backstory that shows just how long Akira and Yukiya have truly known each other.

Since this episode featured character development for two of the main characters, I’m wondering if in the coming episodes, we will see character development stories for Akira, Takuma, and Mitsuki. I’m also curious to see if future episodes will be like the first episode with only one story, or will be more like this one and feature two stories.

After watching Episode Two, I’m still finding Meganebu! to be an enjoyable light comedy series. Watching this series is actually a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon and be able to unwind from all of the craziness that takes place during my week. I’m looking forward to watching Episode Three to find out what’s going to happen next.

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