Beyond the Boundary: Episode 3 – “Moonlight Purple”

During Episode Two, Akihito received a warning from his mother about the “Hollow Shadow,” a youmu without a physical body that is approaching them. The Hollow Shadow is a major focus of Episode Three. The Hollow Shadow makes its appearance in this episode, and its influence makes the sky look purple. However, only the Spirit World Warriors can see the purple sky. When the Hollow Shadow makes its appearance, the other youmu become as restless as animals when a storm is approaching.

At the end of Episode Two, Mirai tells Akihito that she killed someone. During Episode Three, Mirai is trying to keep her distance from Akihito, but he doesn’t want to accept that. Even after Mitsuki tells him some information that helps him piece together what Mirai meant by killing someone, he still tries to talk to her.

It turns out Mirai was taken in by the Inami family and they taught her how to suppress her powers. She became friends with their daughter, Yui, and ended up killing her after she was possessed by the Hollow Shadow. Mirai is now on a mission to confront the Hollow Shadow by herself, even though Spirit World Warriors have all been told to avoid contact with it and to stay indoors until it passes by. However, once Mirai reaches where the Hollow Shadow is, another surprise is waiting in store for her. I’m really hoping that the next episode will give us some explanation in regards to the surprise. While you can guess what it is from what’s said in the scene I’m referring to, it’s never outright explained.

In addition to all of that, we get to see a bit more of Hiromi, a character who was introduced in the second episode and was only seen briefly. It turns out he’s Mitsuki’s older brother and he has a little sister complex in regards to her. There’s one humorous scene that plays off of his fetish, but fortunately that was the only scene it appeared in.

This episode ultimately had a strong focus on Mirai, and it gave the viewer a glimpse into what happened to her before we met her in the first episode. We also see her trying to fight against youmu by herself and actually starting to succeed. However, I have to wonder what she thinks she’s going to accomplish by trying to take on the Hollow Shadow by herself, because this is a pretty big leap for a girl who was afraid of fighting against regular youmu back in Episode One. All I can figure at this point is that her desire for revenge against the Hollow Shadow is overshadowing her reasoning.

Even with the questions and criticism I might have with this episode, it still managed to sell me on Beyond the Boundary. The story finally caught my interest, and now I’m looking forward to watching Episode Four next week to find out what happens next.

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