An Update on Anime Sols

Anime Sols has sent out an email to everyone who has registered on the site.

First, the email gave information on the progress of the sets that are currently collecting pledges:

  • Creamy Mami Set 2: $4,535/$18,000 with 13 days remaining
  • Dear Brother Set 1: $8,880/$13,000 with 19 days remaining
  • Pastel Yumi Set 1: $3,445/$18,000 with 28 days remaining
  • Black Jack Set 2: $3,185/$18,000 with 43 days remaining
  • Tezuka Movie Specials 1981-1983: $1,260/$16,000 with 53 days remaining
  • Hurricane Polymar Complete Set: $3,040/$29,000 with 130 days remaining

It was also mentioned in the email that if users pledge for Creamy Mami Set 2 or Black Jack Set 2, they can add-on a copy of Set 1 with their pledge.

The email also shared links to the drafts of the package designs for Black Jack Set 1 and Creamy Mami Set 1.

At this time, Anime Sols doesn’t want to release an estimated shipping date for Creamy Mami Set 1 quite yet. However, if all goes according to plan, there’s a chance the set could ship by the end of November 2013.

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