The main character of the series is Akira Souma, and he’s a student at an all-boys technical school. He has formed the Glasses Club at the school, and he and the other members have a shared passion for eyewear. His goal is to create a pair of X-ray glasses.

The other members of the club are: Mitsuki Kamatani (a boy who idolizes Akira), Takuma Hachimine (a boy who is also obsessed with cream puffs), Yukiya Minabe (who appears to be the most technical minded of the group), and Hayato Kimata (a provisional member of the club due to wearing fake glasses for style).

At the beginning of the episode, we see that the Glasses Club has blocked off the entrance to the roof, so they can work on their X-ray glasses without being interrupted. We find out later in the episode that the club used to have a club room, but they lost it after they caused it to explode. Akira complains about the club not having enough funding, and that they need to create X-ray glasses that can see through inanimate objects. In his mind, if they do that, the club will get more funding.

Later in class, Akira learns that the annual vision test will be taking place the next morning. Armed with this information, Akira and the others decide that they must get the X-ray glasses done before the vision test so they can test it on the pretty nurse that’s sure to come with the doctor for the vision test. Unfortunately, after an all-night session on the roof, the X-ray glasses aren’t finished. Akira devises a plan so they can get their own vision tests done and still get the X-ray glasses completed before the testing finishes for the day.

I will be the first to admit that when I read what the premise for this show was going to be, I really wasn’t sure if I would like it or not. When I watched the opening credits, the character designs immediately gave me the impression that this would be a show featuring bishonen boys wearing glasses.

The basic premise about a club of boys not getting much in the way of recognition or funding made me think of Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club a little bit, but that’s basically where any similarity between these two series ends. While Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club was done in a more dramatic and serious manner, Meganebu! is much more comedic and quirky.

As I watched the first episode of Meganebu!, I saw some character tropes emerge. Akira is the motivated leader, but really isn’t an effective leader in the long run. Mitsuki has the “cuteness” factor going on and is very attached to Akira. Yukiya is the smartest of the group, and Hayato fits into the outsider role. These attributes and tropes may make the characters feel a little one-dimensional, but I’m hoping that we will see some kind of development for these characters as the series continues.

Another thing I found of interest while watching this episode is that, so far, any students in the school who are not members of the Glasses Club are simply depicted as people wearing the same uniform that all have square-shaped blank paper heads. It’s going to be interesting to see whether or not this will continue in future episodes of the series or not. However, this only applies to the other students. Every adult that appeared in the first episode was shown. This effect was probably done to help illustrate Akira’s disdain for the “No-Glassers,” a derogatory term he uses for people who don’t wear glasses.

Meganebu! may appear to be a little odd on the surface if you just read the premise of the series, but the first episode was a little fun, a little silly, and definitely a little quirky. If you’re looking for a light comedy to watch for the Fall 2013 season, then you might want to give Meganebu! a try.

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