At the beginning of the episode, Kojou is shocked to discover that Yukina is moving into the apartment right next door to his. When he discovers that Yukina doesn’t have much and is unable to go shopping for necessities because she’s supposed to be watching him, Kojou volunteers to go shopping with her.

However, before he goes on the shopping trip, he has a make-up exam to take. We meet a new character named Minayami Natsuki, and she is Kojou’s English teacher and an active attack mage. We also learn that she’s only one of a few people who know that Kojou is the Fourth Progenitor. When Kojou inquires about the Lion King Organization, he learns that the organization is their competitor and his natural enemy, because they were created for that purpose. She also warns Kojou not to go anywhere near members of the Lion King Organization. Oops, too late!

Then we go directly to Kojou and Yukina’s shopping trip at the hardware store. It appears that Yukina doesn’t have much experience with the human world, because she mistakes a golf club as a weapon and thinks that detergent is dangerous. I will admit that this scene was kind of cute and that I let out some chuckles during it. This scene also made for a good moment between Kojou and Yukina.

When they return to the apartment complex, they run into Kojou’s little sister, Nagisa. It turns out Nagisa already knows Yukina, because Yukina transferred into her class the previous day and they became friends. After hearing that, I wonder if Yukina knew that Nagisa was Kojou’s sister and arranged to be transferred into her class. Considering that she managed to move in right next door to Kojou in order to keep an eye on him, I think anything could be possible. I have a hard time believing that was simply a coincidence.

That night, Yukina has dinner with Kojou and Nagisa. During this scene, we learn that Kojou thought that after he got his new body as the Fourth Progenitor that he could use his power to solve a few of the world’s problems. However, he has since come to realize that he can’t do that, because this power is out of his league and he doubts that he could handle it well. Yukina says her opinion of Kojou has changed a little after hearing that. I would have to agree with her in some respects. Over the course of Episode Two, Kojou proves that he’s actually a pretty decent guy, and I found him to be a bit more likable than I did during the first episode.

That night, Kojou heads out of the apartment to go to the convenience store. However, he is intercepted by Yukina, who rushed out of the shower and quickly threw on some clothes. Admittedly, there’s some slight “fanservice” here, and Kojou’s vampiric urges start to take over due to his being turned on. However, this was the only thing that I would consider a fanservice moment in this episode. Between watching Episodes One and Two, I would say that the fanservice isn’t “in your face” and it doesn’t overshadow the story. While I don’t mind occasional bits of fanservice like this, I really don’t care for it when it seems to be more important to the director than the actual story.

Kojou and Yukina head out to the convenience store together, and Kojou learns that Yukina was an orphan and was raised in the High God Forest to become an attack mage. When the pair reach a crane game, Yukina becomes interested in the cat toys inside of it. We get a brief moment with these two characters as Kojou wins one of the toys for Yukina. Unfortunately, they are interrupted by the arrival of Minayami. Since Kojou’s back is turned, she doesn’t recognize that it’s him, so she begins an interrogation. Before Minayami can get very far, an explosion distracts her, and Kojou and Yukina make a run for it.

After realizing a Familiar is on the loose, Yukina tells Kojou to go home and leave the Familiar to her. During her battle, we learn that a member of the West European Church is hunting for vampires. When Kojou arrives on the scene at the end of the episode, something unexpected ends up happening. This cliffhanger is where the episode ends.

Is it just me, or does anyone else see the potential for Kojou and Yukina to become an item? Considering what Yukina’s mission is, becoming a couple would add an interesting element to the series. It’ll be interesting to find out whether or not I’m right as the series continues.

I will admit that because I had felt so bored after the end of the first episode of Strike the Blood that I didn’t have high expectations for this second episode. I’m very happy to say that I ended up being more impressed with this episode than I had anticipated. Since Episode One established all of the most important information of the basic premise, this episode was able to get moving right away. While a couple of new characters were introduced in this episode, the audience wasn’t nearly as bogged down with exposition.

At this point, I’m more than willing to continue on with Strike the Blood. If future episodes can be as good as this one, I could see myself following this series through to its conclusion.

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