I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job.: Episode 2 – “The Demon Lord’s Daughter Is Going to Learn How to Speak to Customers.”

I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job. features a young man named Raul Chaser, who was working to pass his Hero Exam. Unfortunately, before he could become a hero, the hero program was suspended; the Demon Lord is gone and the demon empire has collapsed, so it’s decided there’s no longer a need for the program. Raul is now working at an electronics store called the Leon Magic Shop, and during the first episode, he gets a new co-worker: Fino, the daughter of the Demon Lord.

I will start this off by mentioning that Crunchyroll has designated that this episode of the series has content that is only appropriate for users 18 years of age and older, and will require you to log in. The reason Crunchyroll did this is the fact that there’s a shot very early in the episode where Fino’s breasts are exposed. Outside of that, there were a couple of “fan service” shots, but the overall fan service content in episode two was noticeably less than the content in the first episode.

Episode two sees Raul still trying to teach Fino how to properly interact with customers. After another failed attempt, Raul writes all eight of the phrases he wants Fino to know on her hand and tells her that learning those phrases is her homework.

The next day, Fino stands at the door of the shop saying all eight phrases as customers enter and leave the store. A comical scene takes place here when a robber, wielding an axe, comes into the store and demands money. When this happens, Raul is out on his lunch break, both of the managers are gone, and Nova is busy selling a refrigerator. When the robber demands money, Fino assumes he wants to buy some, and starts randomly using the phrases that Raul has been trying to teach her. The comedy comes from how much Fino confuses the robber and the things she inadvertently does. When Raul returns from his lunch break, he finally makes it clear to Fino that the robber is a bad guy and not a customer. At that point, Fino lets loose.

Meanwhile, Raul has a more serious storyline that takes place in episode two. This begins when Raul is cleaning outside the store and is approached by a large orange bee that looks rather similar to the Pokemon known as Beedrill; the only differences are that it’s orange and it doesn’t have the drills. As he gets into a fighting stance, Raul recalls when he was first trying to get a job after the hero program was ended. He tried using his finishing move, the “Raul Slash,” as a selling point on his resume. After the bee leaves, Raul runs into a former classmate from the academy, and she’s appalled to discover that he’s working a menial job. The two get into an argument, and it ends with the classmate saying that she was wrong about him and thought he was her rival.

Later, when Raul goes out for dinner with a couple of old friends, he learns that neither of them are working. They both say that heroes won’t just stop existing, and eventually they’ll be needed again. Between the run-in with his classmate and hearing what his other friends said at  dinner, Raul finds himself questioning if he’s given up being a hero and whether or not he should stay where he is. For a series that had primarily been a comedy up to this point, this more serious storyline of Raul’s was a nice surprise.

Episode two had a good mix of humorous and serious moments, and I also appreciated that the fan service was nowhere near as prevalent as it had been in the first episode. There seems to be a good story starting to develop here, and I’m starting to care about some of the characters more than I did when I had finished episode one. This series is definitely going to be focusing on Raul and Fino and their interactions with each other, and there were some good character moments included in this episode.

Of course, the idea of the Demon Lord’s daughter learning how to properly act as a salesperson isn’t going to be enough to propel this series for the long-term, so I’m curious to see how the story will progress as she becomes more competent in her job. And with the way Raul and Fino have been depicted so far, it feels like it’s going to become inevitable that one of the characters will become interested in the other; however, I can’t guess which one it will be and whether or not the other will reciprocate.

After episode two, I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job. is showing quite a bit of promise. I’ll keep watching to see if the promise I see in this series will manifest as the story continues.

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