Kill la Kill: Episode 2 – “So Sexy She Might Pass Out”

Kill la Kill is set at Honnouji Academy, a high school in post-apocalyptic Japan that is run by a fearsome student council that is led by council president Satsuki Kiryuin. For the other members of the council, Satsuki bestows upon them Goku Uniforms, which grant the wearer superhuman abilities. Ryuko Matoi, a new transfer student who has half of a pair of large scissors, is looking for Satsuki to ask her about the scissors. After being defeated, Ryuko stumbles across a skimp sentient Sailor Suit that lives off of her blood; however, in exchange, Ryuko is granted more power.

After winning her battle against the Boxing Club Captain, Ryuko has a lost a bit of blood and is getting weak. After she collapses, she wakes up at Mako’s home. It turns out her father is a back room doctor, so he was treating her for the anemia she suffered. The scene at Mako’s house was supposed to be humorous, and I guess if you enjoy that kind of humor, then you’ll find it funny. Unfortunately, this isn’t really my kind of humor.

While she’s at Mako’s house that night, we finally get to see what happened after the sentient Sailor Suit forced itself on Ryuko. Through this, we learn a couple of important facts: that Ryuko’s father was the one who invented the suit and that Ryuko has named the suit Senketsu. After it was revealed that Ryuko’s father designed the suit, I found myself thinking that I really should have seen that one coming from a mile away.

Meanwhile, Satsuki is talking with Omiko Hakodate, the Tennis Club Captain. We learn that the upcoming interleague tennis match is actually armed suppression in disguise, and Satsuki gives Omiko a Tennis-spec, Athleticism-augmenting Two-Star Goku Uniform.

The next morning, when Ryuko and Mako go to school, Mako is suddenly assaulted by a bunch of tennis balls. Omiko comes out and says that Mako is being punished for skipping practice yesterday, and Ryuko argues that she Mako was held hostage. Omiko says the issue is that Mako was taken hostage without permission. Ryuko challenges Omiko to a battle and tries to summon Senketsu; unfortunately, the change doesn’t happen, and Omiko easily blows her away.

Ryuko is rescued by her homeroom teacher, and he instructs her on how her suit, known as a kamui, works; it feeds off of her blood. He also gives her a Seki Tekko, which makes it easier to provide Senketsu with blood.

Ryoko goes to challenge Omiko again, and the remainder of the episode focuses on the tennis battle between the two girls. All I will say in regards to this match is that there’s more noticeable “fan service” over the course of this battle than there had been in Ryoko’s battle with the Boxing Club Captain.

From these two episodes, it appears that Kill la Kill is going to see Ryoko battling with a captain of one of Honnouji Academy’s sports teams. I hope I’m wrong on this count, because this does cause Kill la Kill to run the risk of feeling formulaic. In some respects, though, this kind of makes me think of Revolutionary Girl Utena, where every episode would see Utena get into a swordfight with one of the student council members or someone connected to a student council member; the only thing missing in Kill la Kill’s battles is a kickass song like “Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku.”

Episode two ended up relying heavily on the exaggerated animation and storytelling that was also used in the first episode. If you enjoy shows with heavy exaggeration, such as FLCL and Gurren Lagann, then you will probably really enjoy Kill la Kill. Unfortunately, I don’t really  care for the exaggeration as much, and after watching this episode, I just don’t feel compelled to continue on with Kill la Kill.

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