Anime Soundtrack Review: Chobits Original Soundtrack 002

Chobits Original Soundtrack 002 is the second of two soundtrack CDs released for the Chobits television anime series by Pioneer in 2002. The front of the CD is designed to look like a 7” record, which might be better known as a 45 RPM record. The “record label” on this CD is blue. The liner notes for this CD include the English and Japanese lyrics for “Let Me Be With You,” “Play in the Early Afternoon,” and “Mermaid.”

Chobits Original Soundtrack 002
Publisher: Geneon
Release Date: October 14, 2002

This 20 song soundtrack focuses more on the “rock sounding” background songs from the series. There are occasional spots between tracks where some of the Japanese dialogue from the show is placed between songs.

This soundtrack features a shortened version of the song “Mermaid,” a shortened version of “Love of Babble,” and the original version of “Let Me Be With You/” The shortened version of “Love of Babble” was used in the background during the preview of the next episode. This disc also includes another version of “Play in the Early Afternoon”; this version of the song includes lyrics.

This disc opens with “Better,” which is actually a slower song that features strings. “Happy-Go-Lucky” is an uptempo number, and it sounds like it shares some similar musical themes with “Love of Babble.” “Something Funny” is a more midtempo sound; in some respects, the keyboard part kind of sounds inspired by music from the mod era of the 1960s.

“Fast Forward” is another uptempo track that has a stronger emphasis on percussion and guitar, and this is a song that I recognize right away as being background music from the series. “Cause and Effect” slows the disc down, and seems to have a stronger emphasis on acoustic guitar.

“They Come and Go is more of a midtempo track, and it’s one of the tracks on this disc that more jazz-leaning than rock. “On the Double” features bongo drums and is a rather uptempo track. “Touchy Subject” is a slower song that focuses on piano. “A Fly on the Wall” is a little under two minutes in length, and has more of an electronic sound to it than most of the material on this disc.

“Company” is a slower song with a bit more of a jazz influence. “You Never Know” has almost medieval renaissance feel to it musically. “A Piece of Cake” is a more uptempo track, and it has more of a playful feel to it. “In a Brown Study” slows the tempo of the soundtrack back down, and it’s a rather laid back track with piano.

“That Was Then” is another slower song, which focuses more on strings; however, there is some piano in the background. “Spilling Salt” is a slow-to-midtempo track that has both a jazz influence and a rock feel. “Midnight Voyage” slows the disc back down again, and this track has piano and what potentially sounds like a harmonica.

This CD is probably best listened to if you need music in the background while you’re doing other things; this really isn’t a disc that you can just sit down and listen to. This makes a lot of sense, since these songs were composed with the purpose of being used as background music in the series. The music composed for Chobits was very well done, and fit the mood of the series quite nicely. If you are a fan of background music soundtracks, then this disc is for you.

I wrote this review after listening to a copy of Chobits Original Soundtrack 002 that I purchased for my husband as a gift.

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