Coppelion: Episode 3 – “Hope”

Coppelion is an anime set in a postapocalyptic setting, where a disaster has taken place in the capital and the people had to be evacuated. Genetically engineered children called Coppelion were created; they were born with a strong resistance to the environment so they can walk through the capital in order to look for any survivors. The Coppelion attend the National Defense Academy technical school, hence why you tend to see them dressed in school uniforms while out on missions.

During episode two, the Coppelion learned from Mitsuo Kawabata that part of how he and his family could survive in the old capital was through the delivery of weekly food supplies. The vice principal is determined to find out who the delivery man is.

The wolf that Taeko tamed brings the three Coppelin a car key, and they follow the wolf to where he found it. They discover two men in hazmat suits who are looking for the key. They learn that one of the men is the delivery man that they’ve been sent out to locate.

By using the key as a bargaining chip, the three Coppelion are able to talk with the two men. One of the men is an older man who is wearing a military uniform, and he starts telling the Coppelion about the various people he has helped and how they have disappeared. Most of the people he mentions are the people that the Coppelion helped during the first two episodes. The Coppelion learn about an elderly woman that they have not rescued, and the elderly gentleman takes the Coppelion to look for her.

Meanwhile, the vice principal learns the identity of the delivery man, and decides to head out in order to apprehend him. His identity is very important as to why he has been delivering relief supplies; however, I’m not going to say anything further in order to not provide any “spoilers.”

While they’re on the search for the elderly woman, something unexpected appears in the sky over the old capital. This unidentified flying object becomes a crucial part of the plot near the end of the episode.

With this episode, it was nice to see several tie-ins to the characters and events of the previous two episodes. While the first two episodes didn’t feel like a cohesive unit, the third episode is a definite continuation of the second episode. At this point, I think I can safely say that the first episode was an establishing episode with one major event, and then the true plot of the story began with the second episode.

The identity of the elderly gentleman was very interesting, and this information is very believable motivation for him to try to help the survivors who are still in the old capital. There are some scenes in this episode that made me stop and think for a moment as they happened.

I was just as impressed with episode three as I was
with episode two. I’m glad to see this series is more than simply a “rescue of the week” series, where the Coppelion rescue someone each week with no connections between the various stories. This episode proved that there’s going to be an overarching story, and the addition of the element of the unidentified flying object will potentially add another layer to this story.

At this point, I think I’m willing to see Coppelion through to its conclusion. The quality of the storytelling would have to decrease tremendously over the course of the season for me to even consider dropping it.

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