Beyond the Boundary: Episode 2 – “Ultramarine”

Beyond the Boundary features two characters named Akihito Kanbara and Mirai Kuriyami. Akihito is an immortal, who was born from a union between a human and a demon known as a youmu. Mirai is a Spirit World Warrior who has the ability to manipulate blood; however, she has a fear of battling with the youmu.

At the end of the first episode, Akihito escorted Mirai to her apartment to help her battle a youmu that has been bothering her there. The beginning of this episode sees the battle that takes place between Mirai and the youmu. She almost defeats it a couple of times, but Mirai ends up having to use a technique she normally doesn’t use in order to defeat the youmu. After defeating the youmu, only part of it remains, which Akihito tells Mirai to take it to a person named Ayaka in order to have it appraised and be paid for defeating the youmu. He also invites Mirai to be part of the Literary Club, but she refuses.

When Akihito takes Mirai by the shop to have the youmu appraised, the audience and Mirai learn that Ayaka and a girl named Ai that lives with her are both youmu with a humanoid appearance. Unfortunately, Ayaka isn’t available when they go, so they have to try again later.

We also meet a character named Hiromi, who is another humanoid youmu who tends to sleep on the school roof. When Akihito tries to question him about whether or not Hiromi knows why the youmu was rather aggressive, Hiromi refuses to answer.

Akihito gets a postcard from his mother and he takes it to Ayaka at her shop so she can help him find out what it says. Mirai and Mitsuki Nase (the girl we met in the first episode that I didn’t know the first name for) appear at the shop and are able to hear a warning from Akihito’s mother about the “Hollow Shadow,” a youmu without a physical body that is approaching. During this scene, Mirai is also able to get her youmu appraised.

Since episode two picked up right where episode one left off, there was a lot of action that took place during the first few minutes of the episode. The one thing I really hated during one of the shots in this scene was that it was decided to use a “shaky cam” effect. While I understand this was done in order to add to the atmosphere of the scene, I personally found it to be quite annoying.

Unfortunately, after such an action-packed opening scene, the rest of the episode focuses a lot more on talking and “info dumping” than it does on any real action. While all of this information was important to impart to the viewer to progress the story, this was still kind of a letdown after all the action right at the beginning.

I will admit that I was about ready to drop Beyond the Boundary after I finished this episode; however, Mirai reveals a bombshell right at the end of this episode, so I have decided to watch again next week to see where this will lead. However, I’m thinking that episode three may be the “make it or break it” episode for me for Beyond the Boundary. If I’m satisfied with how the series progresses with episode three, then I’m more likely to try and stick it out to its conclusion. However, if I’m not satisfied with how episode three progresses, then I’m likely to drop Beyond the Boundary.

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