Anime Soundtrack Review: Chobits Original Soundtrack 001

Chobits Original Soundtrack 001 is one of two soundtrack CDs released for the Chobits television anime series by Pioneer in 2002. The front of the CD is designed to look like a 7” record, which might be better known as a 45 RPM record. The “record label” on this CD is yellow. The liner notes for this CD include the English and Japanese lyrics for “Let Me Be With You” and “Raison d’etre.”

Chobits Original Soundtrack 001
Publisher: Geneon
Release Date: July 1, 2003

While this 12 song soundtrack features music from the anime series, this particular soundtrack has a stronger emphasis on jazz-inspired songs. There are occasional spots between tracks where some of the Japanese dialogue from the show is placed between songs.

What I found kind of interesting was the fact that on Chobits Original Soundtrack 001, a decision was made to include a remix version of “Let Me Be With You” on this disc instead of the original version. This remix version not only features a different music track, it also features a different female vocalist. Personally, I didn’t think this remix version of “Let Me Be With You” was as strong as the original version of the song.

However, the first soundtrack also includes “Raison d’etre,” one of the songs used for the ending credits; this helped to make up for the fact that the original version of “Let Me Be With You” wasn’t included on this disc. This soundtrack also includes one of the versions of “Love of Babble.”

“Morning, Morning” is a very mellow piece that runs for a little over a minute in length. “And the World Also Starts Today” is more of a midtempo track that’s almost four minutes in length.; in some respects, the horns included in this track almost give the song a 1970s feel.

“Men’s Club” is a very uptempo track that’s a little over three minutes in length, and it has a guitar intro. “Portrait of Tenderness” is a piano-only track that’s on the slow and mellow side.

“Touch’n Go” picks the tempo of the disc back up, and it’s one of the tracks that I remember vividly as being background music in the series. “Breathless” has a strong focus on keyboards, and falls more in the mid-to-uptempo range. “Tedious Scribble” is another slower song, which has an emphasis on piano and saxophone.

“Play in the Early Afternoon” picks the pace of the CD back up, due to being more of a midtempo track. “Two of Us” is another slower song. Fortunately, the disc ends with the uptempo “Raison d’etre.”

This CD is probably best listened to if you need music in the background while you’re doing other things; this really isn’t a disc that you can just sit down and listen to. This makes a lot of sense, since these songs were composed with the purpose of being used as background music in the series. The music composed for Chobits was very well done, and fit the mood of the series quite nicely. If you are a fan of background music soundtracks, then this disc is for you.

I wrote this review after listening to a copy of Chobits Original Soundtrack 001 that I purchased for my husband as a gift.

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