Miss Monochrome: The Animation: Episode 2 – “Heaven”

Miss Monochrome: The Animation is a series of anime shorts that focuses on Miss Monochrome, a character created and voiced by Japanese singer and voice actress Yui Horie. Miss Monochrome is a female android who wants to become a popular idol and stand out more.

During the first short, Miss Monochrome was swindled out of her fortune, evicted from her castle, and ends up getting a job at a convenience store after meeting Maneo, a man with the word “manager” on his tag.

This short sees Miss Monochrome telling Maneo she wants to be in a drama. He says he’ll get right on it and runs off in a hurry.

One day, Maneo comes to get Miss Monochrome so they can go to the drama filming. She tells Ru, her round electronic buddy that follows her around, to clean up the apartment while she’s gone. Miss Monochrome has made a mess in the apartment from all the papers she’s used to practice her autograph, so Ru tries to clean it up. Unfortunately, Ru gets jammed and stops working.

When Miss Monochrome comes back, she finds Ru is unresponsive and feels cold. She pulls out the papers that are jammed in Ru and believes that Ru is dead. She buries Ru outside of the apartment. Right at the end, the narrator says that Miss Monochrome the android lost a precious member of her family and learned “sorrow” for the first time.

OK, call me dense, but I didn’t catch on during the first short that Miss Monochrome was an android, because it was never blatantly stated. However, a point was made to emphasize the fact that she’s android at least three times in this short. Knowing now that she’s an android, some of her behavior and personality makes a lot more sense. And I guess it’s her lack of common sense that made her decide that Ru was dead and needed to be buried instead of taking Ru somewhere to be looked at and potentially fixed.

At this point, I can say that Miss Monochrome: The Animation isn’t necessarily a bad series of shorts, but it’s just not appealing to me personally. If you enjoy watching anime shorts with an overarching story that have a “cutesy” look and feature an android that’s an idol wannabe, then you may enjoy this series of shorts.

Unfortunately, I still have a lot of anime for the Fall 2013 season that I need to sample, so I can’t afford to spend time on anime that’s not really grabbing me after two episodes. So at this time, I’m dropping Miss Monochrome: The Animation.

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