Coppelion: Episode 2 – “Future”

Coppelion is an anime set in a postapocalyptic setting, where a disaster has taken place in the capital and the people had to be evacuated. Genetically engineered children called Coppelion were created; they were born with a strong resistance to the environment so they can walk through the capital in order to look for any survivors. The Coppelion attend the National Defense Academy technical school, hence why you tend to see them dressed in school uniforms while out on missions.

At the end of episode one, Taeko’s communicator was found on the ground with blood on it. At first, Ibara and Aoi think she was attacked by a wolf, but they find an injured wolf laying nearby. They discover that a man in a hazmat suit is holding Taeko hostage and demands his daughter back. He also demands to know how they can survive without hazmat suits. After getting an explanation, he doesn’t believe them and demands the return of his daughter. Takeo is able to fight back, and Ibara uses the Aether to calm the man down.

We learn the man is Mitsuo Kawabata, and he takes them to the place where he, his wife Yukiko, and daughter Miku have been living. They learn Mitsuo and Yukiko were criminals who escaped from prison during the chaos of the disaster, and that Yukiko is not Miku’s biological mother. Yukiko tells them that she had taught Miku how to put on a hazmat suit and that she probably went to visit her mother’s grave.

As the story unfolds, both the Coppelion and the audience learn there’s more to the story than there originally appears on the surface. As the Coppelion began their search, I had a sneaking suspicion that something wasn’t quite right about Yukiko’s story concerning Miku’s whereabouts. After a confession Yukiko makes, I envisioned the worst possible scenario. While I won’t say what the true answer is, I will say that I’m glad that the thought I had was worse than what actually took place.

I also have to say that the end of the episode is a little on the bittersweet side. However, something happens over the course of the episode that seems to have had some kind of a minor effect on Ibara.

After watching this episode, I get the feeling that each episode of Coppelion will focus on someone who the girls are trying to rescue, and the events that take place while the girls are trying to do their mission to save these people. If the stories are just as compelling as the one I saw today, then this format might actually work rather well. However, if the rescue stories end up not being as interesting as this one, it could potentially turn viewers away. Only time will tell for sure whether or not this is the case.

Overall, I have to say that I enjoyed the second episode of Coppelion; however, I still can’t say that I’m completely sold on this series yet. Next week’s episode may be the deciding factor as to whether or not I continue to watch Coppelion for the remainder of its run during the Fall 2013 simulcast season.

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