Beyond the Boundary: Episode 1 – “Carmine”

At the beginning of the first episode, there’s a girl on the roof of the high school who looks like she’s about to commit suicide by jumping off of it. A young man named Akihito Kanbara sees her, and after a slight hesitation, runs up to the roof and tries to get her to stop. Instead of jumping to her death, the girl jumps over a fence and lands next to Akihito. She creates a sword from her blood and stabs him. It turns out Akihito is an immortal since he was born of a human and a youmu (which appears to be a kind of demon).

The girl begins stalking Akihito and stabbing him any chance that she can get. We learn her name is Mirai Kuriyami, and that she is a Spirit World Warrior that has the ability to manipulate blood. She is also the last surviving member of her clan. The two of them begin having awkward conversations and interactions.

Meanwhile, a girl who is in the Literary Club with Akihito tells him he needs to stop interacting with Mirai. She is a member of a clan that governs the Spirit World Warriors in their area, and she lets Akihito know that her family has been keeping an eye on Mirai. Despite being told this, Akihito spends time with Mirai anyway, and he learns that she is afraid of battling with the youmu. The first episode ends with Akihito accompanying Mirai to her apartment and starting to battle a youmu that has been bothering her there.

This episode was definitely an establishing episode, so there’s a lot of information about the characters and the world they inhabit, and the action is on the minimal side. However, since this is a first episode and this information needs to be established, I’m not going to fault it too much for this. My only real complaint in this department, though, is that by the end of the episode, the only real thing we learn about the girl in the Literary Club is the fact that she is a member of the Nase clan, which oversees the Spirit World Warriors in their area. However, she appears in at least two or three scenes, and her first name is never mentioned! I do wish that at least that piece of information had been provided, since we got first and last names for both Akihito and Mirai.

By the end of the first episode, though, I was left with the impression that there is potential for an interesting story to be told over the course of the series. I won’t really be able to start getting a feel for this series until after I watch Episode Two. However, I do intend to continue watching Beyond the Boundary next week in order to see if the potential I see in this series will start showing itself by the end of Episode Two.

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