Miss Monochrome: The Animation: Episode 1 – “FALL”

Miss Monochrome: The Animation is a series of anime shorts that focuses on Miss Monochrome, a character created and voiced by Japanese singer and voice actress Yui Horie. The shorts are produced by Liden Films and Sanzigen Animation studio, and are directed by Yoshiaki Iwasaki.

This first short introduces Miss Monochrome, a young woman who has enough wealth to live in a castle, but only seems to have one servant named Mana.

At the beginning of the short, Miss Monochrome has a dream of being in a fiery volcano with a young woman with brown hair, who tells Miss Monochrome that she knows they’ll meet again beneath the waterfall. Miss Monochrome wakes up and comments that it’s a dream she’s had several times and is trying to figure out who the girl is.

Miss Monochrome sees a popular idol named Kikuko on television, and she kind of looks like the young woman in Miss Monochrome’s dream. Miss Monochrome says she wants to be a popular idol and stand out more and muses out loud how an idol gets work. Mana says she needs a manager, and that she will be Miss Monochrome’s manager… if she pays Mana 19.3 billion yen. The next thing we see, Miss Monochrome has been foreclosed on and thrown out of her castle because Mana ran off with the money; the 19.3 billion yen was nearly all of Miss Monochrome’s fortune.

Miss Monochrome is wandering the streets and bumps into a man named Maneo, whose nametag says he is a manager. Miss Monochrome says she wants him to be her manager and to get her work. Maneo is a manager of a convenience store, and at the end of the short, we see that Miss Monochrome is working at the store.

I have to say that I wasn’t terribly interested in this short by the time I finished it, because there’s hardly any progress that takes place over the course of the short runtime. Because of the short runtime, very little could be done to truly establish the world and its characters. Miss Monochrome is the most developed, and it’s obvious that she was a wealthy person who pretty much lacked any common sense. What little bit of Mana we saw ended up portraying her as greedy, and we saw so little of Maneo that I don’t have any kind of impression of him yet.

If you don’t mind an overarching story being told in rather small chunks and has a “cutesy” look to it, then Miss Monochrome: The Animation might be right up your alley. At this point, I will watch the second short to see if my impression of this improves; however, if the second short doesn’t pique my interest, then I will more than likely drop Miss Monochrome: The Animation after next week.

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