Episode 13 continues with Akari and Cerebrum in the Clessidra, and Akari reliving the second anniversary of her mother’s death over and over again. Her comrades have come to try to save her, but they don’t really get anywhere.

Meanwhile, Etria and Ariel use the key they were given by Laplace in Episode 12 to unlock their powers, which allows them to shatter the Clessidra. This frees both Akari and Cerebrum. Before this happens, though, Akari is able to finally have a conversation with Fuyuna about how the two girls feel about each other. This becomes a rather crucial plot point for the rest of the story to conclude.

Episode 13 is the final episode of Day Break Illusion, and it ended in such a way that it could either be the end of the series or it could just be the ending of a season. It was a decent ending episode, although there was one thing that really bugged me. In the last couple of episodes, there was more of a focus on the Leguzario, and a point was made to hear a man’s voice but to never show this person’s face. I kept thinking this would build up to some kind of important revelation, but that never materialized.

Also, I have to provide a spoiler here, but an explanation was given as to why Ginka returned from the dead during Episode 12. While I understand the point the writers were going for, the explanation felt kind of weak. However, it did explain the purpose of Ginka fighting with her counterpart, but I still say the whole set up for getting Ginka to fight her counterpart in the first place never really made much sense. So I guess there was a point to introducing the counterpart cards a little earlier in the series, but it felt like that should have been a more important element than it ended up being.

Day Break Illusion turned out to be an interesting series, and I’m glad I was able to watch the simulcast. However, I’m not sure yet whether or not this series is one I’ll go out of my way to purchase for my anime home video collection if it’s ever released on a physical format in North America.

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