Sunday Without God: Episode 12 – “Class 3-4 III”

Sunday Without God is an anime series that is set in a fictional world where 15 years prior to the start of the story, people stopped giving birth, and the dead cannot find rest unless they are buried by individuals known as “gravekeepers.” The story goes that God abandoned the world on a Sunday, and this is why these things have happened.

The main character is a girl named Ai Astin. Her mother was a gravekeeper, and she died when Ai was seven years old. At that point, Ai ended up having to take on the gravekeeper responsibility. One day, a man named Hampnie Hambart comes to her village and kills everyone except for her, since she was out doing her duty as a gravekeeper and digging graves for everyone in the village. At the end of the third episode, it’s confirmed that Hampnie was Ai’s long-lost father, but he ends up dying and Ai decides to go on a journey to save the world.

With the change in the world that Dee didn’t expect, she decides to reset the world in a fit of jealousy. She tells Ai that she wants to talk with Alis and tell him everything, and that she wants Ai to be there with her. She tells Ai to go to the basketball court that’s in the back yard of the school.

While Alis and Ai are at the basketball court, Dee goes to the classroom. She removes the mental blocks from the classmates regarding what happened on July 28th, and she changes the date on the board in order for it to be the day of the reset. As the reset begins to happen, Alis realizes what’s going on and runs up to the classroom, with Ai following behind. Dee makes herself fall out of a window to mimic what happened 14 years earlier, but she is caught by Alis. As Alis slips, he is saved by Ai and their classmates.

The remainder of the episode sees Alis explain what really happened 14 years earlier to everyone, and trying to convince everyone to leave the time loop world and return to the outside world.

It’s so hard to talk about this episode and try to be vague so as to not provide “spoilers.” I would say that the last half to the last third of the episode was very moving, and the explanation of what truly happened is on the sad side. However, I will say that the last few seconds of the episode made me scratch my head a little. While the dialogue tells the audience what happened, there’s no explanation provided as to why this event happened.

Overall, though, I thought this made for an interesting conclusion for the Sunday Without God anime series. The writers really built up the characters of Ai and Alis over the course of the series, and for the most part, I think there was a pretty good payoff in regards to these two characters.

Sunday Without God ends in such a way that if the animation studio really wanted to, it would be possible to continue the series. But even if this is all that ever exists for the Sunday Without God anime series, I’m overall satisfied with what we got.

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