Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3: Episode 12 – “Go Out With Guns Blazing”

Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3 is an anime series set at Stella Women’s Academy, and focuses on a new student named Yura Yamato. Yura is a new freshman at the school, and she’s a timid girl with a rather vivid imagination. Yura ends up joining the C3-Bu Club, which is a club at the school that plays “survival games” with air guns.

Episode 12 begins with a slight recap of the end of episode 11, when Yura arrives at the farewell survival game for Sonora. Sonora declares that this is a one-on-one battle between herself and Yura, and the match begins. There are several close calls for both girls getting hit, but they manage to keep going. The other members of the club watch them. When Yura runs out of ammo, Rento decides to go out to take her more ammo and to serve as backup. As the game continues, Karila goes out and teams up with Sonora, while Honoka and Yachiyo go out and be a team of their own. The one-on-one match evolves into a three team battle.

When it’s getting to be twilight outside, Sonora tries to declare that the final game is over. Yura objects, saying it’s not over, because there’s no such thing as a final game. The other girls in the club joined her out on that field because Sonora enjoys survival games with all of her might. She argues that they still have ammo, so they need to continue the game and enjoy it to the fullest.

As Yura is speaking, her imagination suddenly kicks in. It’s now broad daylight at the campus of Stella Women’s Academy, and all of the students are geared up and ready to participate in a survival game. The girls continue their game in this imaginative world.

I’m very pleased to say that the old Yura, who enjoyed playing survival games for fun, is now back. Not only did she not worry about winning or losing, but she was laughing and having a great time with the C3 club. Not only was it nice to see these friendships repaired, it was also nice to see Yura’s imagination in full bloom again. It seems that once Yura remembered that the survival games were simply about having fun, this truly unlocked her vivid imagination that she had kept suppressed during her phase of only caring about winning the games. This is definitely the redemption that I’ve been hoping for in regards to Yura for the past few episodes.

However, I’m actually rather puzzled about the fact that there’s still one more episode left of the series. The way episode 12 ended, it made for a perfect ending for the series, and made for an excellent place to potentially open the door for another season if Gainax were to decide to produce one. What’s really left to tell with only one episode remaining?

I’m definitely going to be watching the final episode of Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3 to see how the series actually concludes. I hope I don’t end up being disappointed by the ending.

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  1. Lesley Aeschliman · October 8, 2013

    Wellll… it looks like I won’t be watching episode 13 this week after all. According to Crunchyroll, it won’t be available to free users until October 20. From the comments I’ve seen at Crunchyroll, “episode 13” may actually be an OVA episode, and that episode 12 was the actual ending. Unfortunately, with episode 13 not being available until October 20, I’m going to be too entrenched in the Fall 2013 season to be able to go back and watch it. Sorry Stella Women’s Academy, but I won’t have time to go back and watch “episode 13” anytime in the immediate future.

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