Diabolik Lovers: Episode 2

Diabolik Lovers is an anime where a young woman named Yui is sent by her father to live in a mansion with six vampire brothers, and she is supposed to be a bridal candidate for the brothers. Unfortunately, her father did not tell her any of this before he sent her. When Yui realizes what’s going on, she tries to escape; however, the vampire brothers tell her that if she tries to escape, she’s dead.

The episode begins with Yui waking up in a bed wearing a nightgown; however, she has no memory of changing into the nightgown and going to bed. As she starts talking to herself, she discovers that Ayato and Raito are in the room, fighting over her. Reiji interrupts and tells Yui that she needs to get dressed so she can go to school. When Yui questions going to school so late, Reiji tells her derisively that she has to go to night school in order to adjust to their lifestyle; she is not allowed to be active in the daytime. Reiji then curtly tells her to change into the school uniform that’s in the room.

When they get to the school, Reiji tells Yui she is in the same class as Ayato and Kanato. He also tells her that she shouldn’t try to do anything reckless, or she’ll get a whipping. Ayato tricks Yui into skipping class and making takoyaki for him in the training room for the Home Economics class. While they’re in the room, he takes advantage of the situation and starts sucking on Yui’s neck. He is interrupted by Reiji, who tells Ayato that he is a disgrace. Ayato is made to take Yui home. At home, an event happens that triggers a brief flashback for Ayato. While this flashback gives a glimpse to Ayato when he was younger, I didn’t think that it did much of anything to truly enhance his character or to make him a sympathetic character.

Ugh, this show didn’t get any better by the end of the second episode. This episode saw more mind games being played on Yui, as well as some of the characters being rather condescending to her. Yui herself still doesn’t have much of a personality to speak of; in fact, you might as well have an inflatable doll there instead of a character… which, of course, wouldn’t work because the vampires would puncture the doll when they try to bite her neck. But honestly, that’s what I think of Yui as a character. Right now, I’m not sure whether Yui or Ema from Brothers Conflict would win the award for the female protagonist character with the least amount of character in a “reverse harem” anime.

So with that, Diabolik Lovers isn’t just the first Fall 2013 anime that I’ve sampled… it’s also become the first Fall 2013 anime that I’m dropping like a hot potato. So long, Diabolik Lovers!

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One comment

  1. somebitchypikofan · September 30, 2013

    I don’t blame you. It’s a piece of shit that should’ve gotten life without parole.

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