At the graveyard, Cerebrum tells Akari that he’ll return Luna to normal, and as a result Seira will regain her elemental powers. However, Akari has to come with him. When Akari asks Cerebrum what he’s after, and he says he wants to mate with her. Akari makes the decision to go with him to save her friends. Cerebrum says that Akari will have to enter this item he has in his hands, where she will have to face herself. Once all of that is done, they’ll become one.

Meanwhile, we learn through a conversation with Laplace and the guy at Leguzario that what Cerebrum has is called the Clessidra. It’s explained that this is the stage where humans and Daemonia can mate with each other.

While she’s in the Clessidra, Akari has to relive the day that she killed Fuyuna over and over again. In this version of the day, though, she knows what’s going to happen and is able to ask Fuyuna why she became a Daemonia. Cerebrum is basically using this as a way to mess with Akari’s mind and break her down to the point that she will give herself to him.

However, Cerebrum does keep his promise of returning Luna to normal. She returns to normal and Seira regains her power, as they are transported into the Astralux, where the three sisters find them. Once they’ve had a chance to recover, Luna and Seira decide to look for Akari. During their search for Akari, they have an unexpected surprise. All I will say about the surprise is that my first reaction was, “What the heck?” Then I was wondering how this surprise will be explained. Hopefully a plausible explanation will be presented in the next episode.

Another development is that Laplace is sent by the Leguzario to deliver a key to Etia and Ariel. From the conversation, it appears that this key may unlock Etia and Ariel’s powers. Etia makes a comment that in the end, the Leguzario only sees them as tools. However, she takes the key and says this is only for the sake of saving Akari.

By the time I finished watching Episode 12, I realized that quite a bit was revealed over the course of it. While there’s still some unanswered questions remaining, I think it’s possible for them to be answered during the final episode of the series when I watch it next week.

Cerebrum’s motivation is… wow. It’s actually rather creepy. I honestly believe he’s enjoying the mind games he’s playing with Akari a little too much. Heaven knows there’s a word I want to use here in regards to this, but it’s not exactly family friendly. I’m really hoping that Akari will somehow find the inner strength she needs in order to not fall victim to Cerebrum’s mind games.

Now I’m very curious to see Episode 13 in order to see whether or not the various loose ends will be wrapped up, and if so, how.

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