Servant x Service: Episode 12 – “Wait a Moment, Being Accustomed and Being Unprepared Are Life Threatening”

Servant x Service is an anime series set in a government office building in Japan, and most of the main characters are new employees in the Welfare Department. Lucy Yamagani takes her job seriously, Yutaka Hasebe is a slacker, Saya Miyoshi is a nervous person, Megumi Chihaya is the temp worker who likes to cosplay and create doujinshi, Taishi Ichimiya is a first time supervisor who really doesn’t know how to lead others well, Toko Ichimiya is Taishi’s little sister who drops by the Welfare Department rather regularly and causes problems for Taishi and the others, Kenzo Momoi is a stuffed rabbit who can walk and talk and serves as the section manager for the Welfare Department, and Kanon Momoi is Kenzo’s daughter and Toko’s friend.

Episode 12 begins with Megumi saying she needs to take three days off from work to finish off the various outfits that she’s agreed to make. Before she leaves, she tells Taishi that she wants to concentrate, so please don’t text or call or come over to her house; Yutaka picks up that blatant “please be concerned about me” sign, but Taishi doesn’t seem to.

On the third day, Taishi decides to go over to Megumi’s place, because he believes she probably doesn’t have enough energy left to try and chase him away. When she doesn’t answer the door, he reaches for the handle and discovers the door is unlocked. He finds Megumi asleep on the floor. The two of them talk, and he helps her around the house while she finishes up the clothes she’s working on. Overall, I thought this was a really nice Megumi and Taishi moment.

I was happy to discover that Lucy and Yutaka’s date actually takes place in this episode instead of in the final episode. There are some really sweet scenes that take place between them; unfortunately, since Lucy is so inexperienced with dating, she doesn’t understand how good of a guy Yutaka really is. As Yutaka is trying to convince Lucy that she should go out with him, he is interrupted by a phone call from Yutaka’s sister. This is the day that his sister’s soon-to-be husband is meeting the family, and their father says that Yutaka has to be there. Yutaka reluctantly leaves.

Meanwhile, Megumi and Toko are out and about. Toko suddenly asks Megumi if she thinks that Taishi has a girlfriend, and Megumi is caught off-guard. Before Megumi can really give an answer, Toko admits that she wouldn’t mind if he does. She also tells Megumi that in order for Taishi to be free, Toko needs to be independent. She also adds that since she’s causing Taishi so much trouble, she wants him to not have to hold back. Megumi seems to be glad that Toko has been thinking about all of this, and realizes that she needs to reflect on some things, too. By the end of the conversation, Megumi and Taishi’s secret is still a secret.

At the very end of the episode, the audience is finally told who it was at the Welfare Department that accepted Lucy’s wrong name. Unfortunately, the “big reveal” wasn’t one for me, because I had figured out who it was very early on in the series.

At this point, there are the two secrets left to be revealed to respective people: Lucy finding out the truth about who accepted her name and Toko finding out about Taishi and Megumi. Since there’s only one episode left in the series, I’m very curious to see if either one or both of these secrets will be revealed by the end of episode 13.

On one hand, I’m excited to see that Servant x Service is about to reach its conclusion. However, I’m also a little disappointed that it’s ending, because this is one of the Summer 2013 series that I have looked forward to watching week after week. I really hope that I will be satisfied with how Servant x Service will reach its conclusion next week.

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