At the beginning of Episode 11, Sonora informs the other members of the club that she will be leaving at the end of the month to go study in America. Instead of throwing a farewell party, they decide to have a survival game. For the survival game, the others have to beat Sonora in order to win. As the others practice with Karila trying to stand in for Sonora, they realize it isn’t working. Karila comes to the realization that Yura would know what was wrong in a heartbeat.

Rento takes it upon herself to try to find Yura. Rento tracks her down to an arcade, where Yura is playing a first-person shooter game. The two have a discussion, and Yura says that all she did was cause trouble for the club and that there’s no place for her. Rento tells her to stop, and that maybe running away was OK with Yura, but she should have given some more consideration to the others. Unfortunately, this confrontation causes Yura to become scared of the group and to run off whenever she sees them. However, everyone except Sonora decides they need to do what they can to get Yura to rejoin the club. Later, they revisit this idea and realize that by doing this, they would come across as being more concerned about their own egos than they are about Yura, so this plan is scrapped.

Meanwhile, Sonora has flashbacks of Yura as she begins packing. She’s interrupted by a knock on the door, and Sonora thinks Yura has come back. However, she’s surprised to see Rin instead. This is a really good scene between Sonora and Rin, and it allows you to get some insight into both of their characters and why they’ve been acting the way they have in recent episodes.

The day of the farewell survival game arrives. The others have contacted Yura to let her know the time and location, but she has yet to appear. Sonora declares that the game is on without Yura.

Meanwhile, Yura is sitting in a park, lamenting over the fact she couldn’t change anything. Suddenly, she sees a mother and child walk by, and as they do, she sees the faces of a couple of club members instead of their actual faces. Yura’s imagination continues to swirl as she sees everyone and everything around her looking like the club members. Yura eventually finds herself at the temple where she trained with Sonora in a previous episode.

At the temple, she talks with Chojiro, the person she conversed with in her imagination when she first trained at the temple. Yura keeps whining at Chojiro that she has nowhere to go, because no matter what she does, no one will acknowledge her. After some arguing, Chojiro convinces Yura that she has to acknowledge herself because others can acknowledge her. After the conversation, Yura finds a gun at the temple.

Right at the end of the episode, Sonora has defeated the other club members. Just as she’s about to declare that she’s the winner, Yura arrives, ready for battle.

Yes! I’m glad that Yura’s imagination is finally being utilized in the series. I’m thinking that I may have been right when I mentioned that Yura was ignoring this part of herself when she was so determined to win the games being acknowledged. Also, by the end of this episode, I honestly came to believe that redemption I’ve been wanting for Yura is just around the corner. With the ending scene, we will obviously be seeing Yura and Sonora against each other in the farewell survival game. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

I also can’t believe that we’re getting so close to the end of the series. Looking back at this point, I realize that a lot really has happened, most obviously in regards to Yura. However, after Sonora and Rin’s conversation in this episode, I realize that Sonora has also undergone some change as well. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this series will end up concluding.

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