The English cast has been announced for the Queen’s Blade Rebellion anime:

  • Vibe Jones is Annalotte
  • Rebecca Kim is Shigi
  • Zoe Martin is Huit
  • Jessica Paquet is Vante
  • Brittany Lauda is Mirim
  • Evelyn Lantto is Luna Luna
  • Marta Vital is Liliana
  • DD Montgomery is Branwen
  • Kate Vincent is Ymir
  • Melissa Hope is Elina
  • Tony A. Campbell is Taira
  • Mike Pollock is Dogura and Elder

Additional voices are being provided by: Veronica Meunch, Hilary Thomas, Marc Diraison, Chris Jai Alex, Juicey Flannigan, Lauren Landa, and Siri Svay.

Source: ANN