Day Break Illusion: Episode 11 – “Your Path”

Day Break Illusion is a magical girl anime series that includes the element of Tarot cards. 12-year-old Akari Taiyo is obsessed with Tarot cards, and her deceased mother was a fortune teller.

During the first episode, after Akari’s cousin is possessed by a plant demon, Akari unwittingly transforms into her magical girl self and ends up killing her cousin. After fighting with another demon near the end of the episode, she is rescued by three other magical girls and is taken elsewhere to recuperate. She discovers that her mother had been part of Sefiro Fiore, an organization that destroys Daemonia; the Daemonia are evil spirits that like evil hearts and attack people. Akari also learns that she is destined to be part of Sefiro Fiore.

As Akari and the others are escaping from Sefiro Fiore when the mob sets fire to it, Seira wanders off on her own. Akari and the others arrive at the fortune-telling shop where her former caretakers are now residing and ask for help. As they settle in, Akari tries to call Seira, but gets a recording saying the number she’s trying to reach is out of the service area or turned off. Akari wants to go look for Seira, but she’s told to wait until morning.

Meanwhile, Seira finds Cerebrum and an unconscious Luna. Seira demands that Cerebrum turn Luna back to normal, and he says it’s not going to happen, because he’s not the one controlling her. He says that Luna took Seira’s power of her own free will. Cerebrum ends up spelling out Luna’s jealousy to Seira. Cerebrum then tells Seira that because of her weakness, her elemental tarot powers were taken away, and that the only way to get them back is to kill Luna. Cerebrum leaves a dagger for Seira and leaves. Seira contemplates what she wants to do.

Meanwhile, Etia wants to talk to Akari, because she has something to tell her. When Etia says she wants to talk about Akari’s birth, Laplace objects. According to him, that’s top secret information that the Leguzario doesn’t wanr divulged. Etia defies him, and Laplace flies off in a huff to report to the Leguzario. I will have to provide a spoiler here, because it’s important for what happens later: Akari learns that her father a man studying Daemonia in a research laboratory controlled by the Leguzario, and that he became infected by the Daemonia during this research. Because of this, Akari is also part Daemonia. Etia says she wants Akari to determine her own future, and it comes out that Akari could decide to join the Daemonia and Sefiro Fiore couldn’t stop her.

During this conversation, Akari realizes that the little girl she saw at the graveyard in episode 10 must have been Cerebrum trying to make contact with her. Akari returns to the graveyard and finds the little girl kneeling in front of Hinata’s grave. Akari asks the little girl about her true identity, and it comes out that it’s Cerebrum in disguise. The episode ends with Cerebrum forcing Akari to make a difficult choice. The episode ends before Akari makes a decision, so this becomes a major cliffhanger.

The revelation about Akari’s parentage was definitely a big reveal, and that suddenly adds a whole new layer to not just Akari as a character but to the entire series itself. I will say, though, that I had suspected that the little girl at the graveyard was Cerebrum in disguise by the end of episode 10, so that wasn’t a major revelation for me.

While it may not seem as if a lot happened on the surface, there’s definitely a lot going on in the background. When we saw Laplace give a report to the Leguzario, I notice that a lot of care was taken not to show who was speaking, so I wonder what this could be about. Also, I will say that the conversation that takes place here proves there’s some kind of a connection between the Leguzario and Cerebrum. Is the Leguzario purposely trying to pit the two sides against each other? Hopefully the next episode will reveal more about the shadowy background organization known as the Leguzario.

I’m looking forward to watching episode 12 next week and finding out what choice Akari ends up making.

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  1. Lesley Aeschliman · September 21, 2013

    I ended up having to make an edit to the conclusion of this post, because I’ve just discovered that are actually going to be 13 episodes of this series instead of 12. Because of that, the last two paragraphs included in the original version are no longer applicable.

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