This episode sees Alis bringing Ai, Julie, Scar, and Celica to his town, which appears to be completely destroyed and there are no people. He takes them to where the door for Class 3-4 is at his school and says that while this is Class 3-4, this is also not Class 3-4. There is a barrier here, and Alis says that once someone enters the barrier, they are unable to leave until everything has been resolved. The only exception is the people from Class 3-4. Ai and the others agree to enter the barrier.

Inside the barrier, they find they’re in the same town they left, except it is in pristine condition and there are people all over. They also run into Dee, who has a physical body in this realm. She explains she is there because she is a member of Class 3-4, but doesn’t know why she has a physical body here.

It’s later revealed in the episode that this is a world stuck in a time loop, and it has been circling around a roughly year-long loop for 14 years now. It’s also revealed that this world was created on July 28 and that when July 28 comes back around, everyone inside the world is reset. It’s also added that no one knows why this world was created and they don’t remember. It’s suspected that the not knowing was part of the wish that created the world in the first place. At the end of the episode, Alis reveals that he has an enemy in the world, and the person this is comes as a surprise to the other members of the cast. There’s also a potential clue given right at the end of the episode that may explain why this world was created.

This was an interesting episode from start to finish. The opening was actually a little shocking, but what happens there is explained later in the episode. Once I understood why what happened in that opening scene took place, it ended up making it a little less shocking. Unfortunately, since the scene does depict a school shooting, some people may be a little sensitive to it, even with the explanation given in the episode.

Admittedly, there is a bit of “info dumping” that takes place near the end of the episode, but it’s needed in order to set up why this world exists. I also think some of this “info dumping” will end up providing background for whatever happens in the next episode.

Sunday Without God is still capable of bringing in plot twists that throw me for a loop (there was no pun intended there, really!). I’m really looking forward to watching Episode 11 to find out what else will happen in regards to Class 3-4, as well as how these events affect the characters.

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