I’ll have to open this with a spoiler from the previous episode: at the end of Episode Nine, Cerebrum possessed Luna with a Daemonia in order to use her as a pawn in his schemes.

At the beginning of Episode 10, the possessed Luna comes before Seira and Akari. Seira wants to attack Luna, but Akari begs her not to. Unfortunately, before Seira can do anything, Luna attacks Seira. Luna bites her neck, and a butterfly appears on Seira’s shoulder. It’s later shown that an aura surrounds Seira’s tarot card and that Seira has lost her tarot powers.

Meanwhile, Priscilla and Meltina are fighting with a Daemonia, which they destroy. When they do, their counterpart cards appear. They end up taking damage from the counterpart cards, but Akari is able to arrive in time and take them back to Sefiro Fiore. Unfortunately, both have taken on quite a bit of damage and need to recuperate. This leaves Akari as the only one who can fight with the Daemonia, and this begins to take its toll on her.

We also learn who the talking raven and cat are who have appeared in previous episodes. They are Laplace and Shrodinger, respectively. They are messengers from Leguzario, the organization that created Sefiro Fiore and sends out the orders to exterminate the Daemonia.

After one of her battles with a Daemonia, the possessed Luna shows up. They try to convince each other to go back with them, with Akari saying everyone is waiting, while Luna wants Akari to become a Daemonia so they can be together. Akari says she can’t go with her, because she wants to save Luna. Luna becomes conflicted. At first, she restrains Akari, but then Akari hears Luna’s normal voice telling her to run. Akari frees herself, while the possessed Luna disappears. As a viewer, I found it reassuring that the old Luna is still hiding in there somewhere. Unfortunately, this isn’t going to benefit Cerebrum, so I’m getting a little concerned about what he might do to Luna.

Akari goes to her mother’s grave, confused about what’s going on. A little girl cries nearby, claiming she lost her mother. As Akari interacts with the little girl, it appears that there’s something suspicious about this newcomer.

Cerebrum uses his influence in the human world to have a rumor spread around the area, which sees an angry mob with torches and golf clubs going to Sefiro Fiore, blaming them for everything that’s happened. The episode ends with the members of Sefiro Fiore escaping as the building burns to the ground.

Wow, this episode was really intense! There were twists I hadn’t expected, but there are also some new unanswered questions. And introducing these unanswered questions now has me a little concerned, since the series only has two more episodes left. Will the series be able to end satisfactorily within these last two episodes, or has the concept gotten so big that it really needed more episodes? At this point, I remain cautiously optimistic that the series can end on a high note. I’ll be watching over the next couple of weeks to see if I’m right.

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