Servant x Service: Episode 10 – “It’ll Be Good Later, at the Same Time Good Things Can Cause Huge Regrets”

Servant x Service is an anime series set in a government office building in Japan, and most of the main characters are new employees in the Welfare Department. Lucy Yamagani takes her job seriously, Yutaka Hasebe is a slacker, Saya Miyoshi is a nervous person, Megumi Chihaya is the temp worker who likes to cosplay and create doujinshi, Taishi Ichimiya is a first time supervisor who really doesn’t know how to lead others well, Toko Ichimiya is Taishi’s little sister who drops by the Welfare Department rather regularly and causes problems for Taishi and the others, Kenzo Momoi is a stuffed rabbit who can walk and talk and serves as the section manager for the Welfare Department, and Kanon Momoi is Kenzo’s daughter and Toko’s friend.

A major theme that runs through episode 10 is regrets. At the beginning of the episode, Megumi tries to tell Toko about the fact that she is seeing Toko’s older brother; unfortunately, Toko has been studying hard and not sleeping much, so she falls asleep without hearing the confession. Later at work, when Megumi talks to Saya about what happened, Saya tells her not to regret worrying about Taishi and Toko so much.

Later, as Saya is leaving the office, she runs into Tanaka outside. She tries to leave, but Tanaka grabs her and asks why she’s running away. Saya says she wants nothing to do with him, and he asks why. Saya says she’d regret having anything to do with him. The conversation snowballs into so many regrets upon regrets that Saya ends up having to go to dinner with Tanaka later because she couldn’t come up with a good solution on regrets. This section of the episode is a lot funnier than this writeup can convey, and I definitely let out several chuckles as the regret talk kept piling up.

One day, Toko asks Kanon to meet her at the welfare office. When Kanon gets there, Toko is talking with Saya, so Kanon ends up wandering around the office while she waits. There’s a close call for Toko finding out Kenzo’s secret, but Saya is able to cover for her. After Toko leaves, she realizes she left her phone at Saya’s desk; when she goes to get it, she sees Saya talking to Kenzo. Saya is soon joined by Yutaka, Lucy, and even Taishi. Toko panics about them talking to a stuffed animal and develops regrets that they’ve developed psychological problems because of her. Toko ends up learning that Kenzo is the section manager, but is still unaware that Kenzo is Kanon’s father.

After seeing Toko learning about Kenzo really being the section manager, it made me realize just how many secrets are being kept in this show. Now part of one secret has been revealed, but there are still some other secrets that have yet to be revealed. Megumi’s secret about dating Taishi was almost revealed to Toko, but that’s one of the major secrets still lingering out there. Now that we’ve had one close reveal and one actual reveal, I wonder how many more secrets will be revealed before the final episode.

My one biggest disappointment in this episode is the fact that there’s only one passing reference to Lucy and Yutaka’s upcoming date. However, I guess that since episode nine focused heavily on Lucy and Yutaka, the writers felt the viewers needed a break from them for a week. Hopefully we’ll see more of a focus on these two characters next week.

Overall, I’m still enjoying Servant x Service. I’ve liked most of the plots and characters this series has thrown at the audience, with the exception of Tanaka. So far, I just find him to be annoying and I don’t think he truly adds very much to the series. I’m hoping the remaining episodes will end up proving to me why Tanaka is really needed as a character. I’m definitely more interested in the plots involving the relationships of Lucy and Yutaka and Megumi and Taishi and am looking forward to see what happens to these two couples in the remaining episodes of Servant x Service.

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  1. pammazola · September 12, 2013

    Servant x Service was a surprise for me because I was not expecting much from it, and then the character interactions and depth just blew me away. I agree with many of your points from ep. 10. 🙂

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